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What you do is post a thing you would be willing to do. and also something else that you wouldn't try.

Mine is I would try sky diving but not rugby.
I would eat camel brain but I wouldnt stay in a dark room for an hour.
Pro... really...???

Will: Eat squid (It's actually good!).

Won't: Eat monkey brain (When you bang on the monkey's live head...)
Yeah really. I'm petrified of the dark.
Would: poke a gorilla with a stick
Wouldn't: drink coffee with sweet n low
Oh. Okay. Cool.

Will: bunjee jump

Won't: um, become a pirate?
Not in like an immature way. It's actually a phobia.
Would: assassinate Justin beiber
Wouldn't: confess to doing it...
I understand.
LOVE your last post!
Would: Shave Justin Bieber's hair while he is asleep
Wouldn't: Actually KILL him...
Why not? I would kill him in an instant. Along with Katy perry Taylor swift and Kesha...
Would: spend a day as an insect
Wouldn't: snorkel
Would: Hurt^ for killing Katy perry Taylor swift and Kesha.
Wouldn't: Regret it :P
Would: shun you for liking those imbeciles
Wouldn't: be able to keep it up for long...
Would:Stick my toung out at you :P
Won't: stop smiling afterwards :)
Would: stab my ex, given the chance
Wouldn't: shed a tear
Would: Allow you to do so, knowing the sichuation.
Wouldn't: Be able to stop my self from crying afterwards...
Why not?
Would: dry your tears
Wouldn't: use a flamethrower to do so.
Because I'm that type of person.

Would: Thank you
Wouldn't: hate you... yet... :)
Let's chat a bit
Would: resort to cannibalism if I was stranded in the desert
Wouldn't: do so on any other occasion...

Would: Find that random
Wouldn't: hate alot of people.
Don't be an unhater.
Would crash this thread
Wouldn't crash the guess the song thread
I think we ruined the purpose of this thread...

Would: crash the guess the song thread.
Wouldn't: Think much about it.
I do too.
Would bungee jump
Wouldn't go back in time
You fixed it. DEFINETALLY not you... but okay...

Would: jump out of an air plain WITH a (parashut, parashoot, parashute?)
wouldn't: kiss a frog... prince or not...
Would also skydive
Wouldn't mix bleach and ammonia
Would: Wonder why not?
Wouldn't: try it...
Smart. You would die a slow and painful death by poison gas.
Would: love to play a game of munchkin with someone right now...
Wouldn't: lose.
Ouch... not fun...

Would: Like to know what the game munchkin is.
Wouldn't: win the first time...
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