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You have to say something bigger or better than the last person.


Person A: Dry erase marker

Person B: Sharpie

Person A/C: 2 Sharpies

Eventually as it keeps getting bigger and bigger it will start to get planet sized. Once it gets planet sized you can reset it, and start again with something small

Do not say "larger this, larger that". It is cheap. Use those creative brains of yours!
I will start:

Paper towel
large faucet
Pressure washer
higher-pressure washer
Fire truck hose
Larger fire truck hose
Fire hydrant.

Great idea for a game!
Storm drain
Storm drain /w clown.
Storm drain with overweight clown.

Defintely bigger
Sewer system
larger sewer system

Ima go make a rule no more saying larger this, larger that.
A sewer society

good idea
An underground society
An aboveground society with a few more people than the underground one
Intertangled above ground and below ground societies.
The weight of society

bigger but definitely not better
the weight of an overweight society
the weight of a morbidly obese society
The weight of society with a ego the size of mine
The physical size of your ego
The universe itself.
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