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The expanse of time.
Alright time for a reset. I didn’t think it would get that collosal that fast

New thing is a computer
2 monitor setup.
Rtx 3060
high-end PC
My brain
My ego combined with the sun
The solar system
The MCU/the Star wars EU
the multiverse

so now starting over:

a quark
2 quarks
A proton
neutron and a proton
Helium-3 atom
my ego divide by ego

How is the value 1 bigger/better?
His ego is simply too powerful.
Thats not how it works, anything divided by itself is 1. Unless hit ego is bigger/smaller than itself
this may mean that his ego is 0, in which case everything breaks
Well then, time to restart, because it breaks either way.

A penny.
A nickel.
a dime
A quarter
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