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Hmm.. I'll try and watch this debate and vote, but all of it is during testing. But I'll do it.

By the way, how does voting work?
I would assume another poll question, like the previous votes (for the first round of polls).
What happens if it's 50/50? Or if the vote comes out to one person with a bit more than 50%? That still leaves nearly half of the votes not count and not get a fair chance.

Assuming that there's two candidates of course, aprzn and broncoboy18.

Voting is the worst part of the election. You don't want to handle that part.
I CAN make a public poll.
W_Licky said:
What happens if it's 50/50? Or if the vote comes out to one person with a bit more than 50%? That still leaves nearly half of the votes not count and not get a fair chance.

If that happens, I believe that there will be a revote.
A revote doesn't change anything. It'll barely shift the decisions, and even if someone else gains the majority, it would end up being just barely, leaving near half of the votes not count.
What other options are there? A draw from a hat?

Horrible idea.
Indeed. If you don't have any better ideas, we're sticking with the revote.
Just to be sure, there's only two candidates?

Since demented dropped out.

And did Hyrdo drop out?
Hydro was eliminated because he didn't get enough votes in the primaries.
Ok. So two-person election.
As you can see in my current avatar, I've got the flags of both candidates running for president; aprzn123 and BroncoBoy18.

The reason why I'm stressed is that I believe this idiocracy civilized democracy holds a lot of weight, and I'm in charge of the debate—which I'm putting too much effort into.

It's a shame em dashes can't be made. Such underrated punctuation.

Edit 2: Thank you aprzn123 for the em dash!!

Here's one to copy if you need it.

Anyway, I think this Saturday would work for me for the debate.
I'm also quite free on Saturday. But will you, p0tat0? You're hosting after all.
Sure, I'll schedule some time off then. What time works best for the candidates?
How long will the debate be? How does the debate work? Will it be like the actual debates we had not too many months ago?

Ya know, the first debate irl? The one where it turned into a verbal brawl?
Probably right at the beginning of the window, 1 PM PDT or 4 PM EST
How long will it take?
I hope not too long. I've come up with 5 questions to ask. I'll have a couple of backups in case it either drags on too long or falls too short. We'll see what happens.

Haha yes, I'm totally professional.
Lol. Now let me think about a voting system.

Voting System

I will post a poll that has a decision between each candidate. Then after, the poll will ask the same five (or other number) questions asked in the debate with each having two answers that correlate to the candidates' answers in the debate. First, I will only look at the decision between each candidate. If there is no landslide election, if it's closer to a tie, then I will look at the poll answers to the questions. That should give me a clear picture of who wins. If not... well that's unlikely and we'll solve that problem when we get there. The creation of the poll is from me because I've designed a poll that just might work as a TC&S question. However, the debate host will message me the questions and answers given during the debate in shortened form so I may put that on the poll.

It can't be rigged. Other than alts. You just can't solve the problem of alts. But then again, alts mean the voter is determined and that confident in the candidate they want.
Unless it's a candidate voting with the alts
Now how do I go about putting those questions?
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