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Must put username
Will people see the poll while going through questions? If it fails, then I can do a public poll and link it here.
There's always the other option of using a site specific for making voting polls. I remember there's one that helps deal with alt accounts since it logs IP per vote.

I found this website: Election Runner, but it's not the one I used before.

This is the one I remember people using. It's secure and only allows one vote per IP: Opavote.
Ok thanks.
Wow Opavote seems good

The only issue with the IP thing is that when i am on 2cans at school on the school wifi, i share an IP address with everyone at the school. I believe me and hydro are the only 2 people in the school on tcas so one of us could get an extra vote im theory
I'll find a solution.
Any luck?
It's done and ready. I'll release the link to vote on May 4th. But DO remind me. I'll put the link everywhere.
May the 4th be with us and good luck
Just a reminder to the candidates and audience that the presidential debate begins tomorrow, May 1st, at 4:00 pm EDT (1:00 pm PDT)! Make sure you've prepared yourself, and think about how you will present your cases during the event.

May the odds be ever in your favour Best of luck to both candidates!
So for me in CDT, it's 3 pm.
I am ready!
FINAL REMINDER: 15 minutes until the debate begins! Best of luck to the candidates!
Beginning The debate will begin now. Please hold as we wait for the candidates and he host to enter. We shall begin. Best of luck to the candidates!
Good morning, afternoon, or evening, members of Two Cans and String. Or goodnight, if you’re supposed to be in bed! I’m Iateap0tat0, the moderator of this debate.

While I’m clearly not qualified for this, I welcome you to the first of the 2021 Presidential Debates between aprzn123 and BroncoBoy18.

The format is as follows: 5 questions will be asked to both candidates. Depending on how timely the responses are, this debate can last for quite some time and is unlike a classical debate due to time zones and lack of overall communication online. Afterward, there will be an open discussion for the rest of the debate. I hope both campaigns have agreed to these rules.

For reference, I decided on the questions in each topic. I can assure you none of the questions has been shared anywhere. Because this is a rather informal debate, I do not mind pop-ins for questions or reactions from people other than the 2 candidates, so long as they are not disruptive.

With that said, I will post the first question. aprzn123, BroncoBoy18, please respond as soon as possible.

QUESTION 1: Consider the number of notable events, such as the ‘coleeloc’ incident, which inevitably lead to chaos around the entire site. Not only coleeloc created chaos, according to Blake, but it was also entirely 1 person being persistent and obnoxious. Do you believe that any good came out of this situation? Is there anything we can learn?
While the coleeloc incident did cause chaos and was not something we would prefer to happen, it was inevitable that something of the sort would happen eventually, given the presence of spammers throughout the internet. I believe that the incident helped us get a taste of that, and functioned as a form of motivation for better anti-spam measures.

Though some good came out of it, I still believe that the bad outweighs the good. Though coleeloc's spam was the major negative, I have seen complaints from people who feel that the anti-spam measures have been too harsh, causing them to sometimes receive wrongful bans. I think this is less of an issue than the spam that was the source of the incident because generally these people are engaging in spammy behavior anyway (primarily in the Forum Games). However, there are many forum games that people could use instead which are less prone to such spam.
Thank you, aprzn123 for your insightful response. BroncoBoy18, please reply with your response soon.

EDIT: To speed up the debate, I will post the next question within 2 hours if the other candidate is unable to respond within 2 hours of the question asked. We are running quite late on time; this debate is rather late.

QUESTION 2: Given that the site is much more active now thanks to COVID-19 and bored people, what will you do to ensure that the newcomers feel welcome on the site?
I have a couple options for what to do on this front: One, I can set up a thread to help familiarize newcomers with what we have going on here. Two, I can start a newsletter thing that would catalogue the goings-on of the website. This would be good not only for newcomers, but also from a more historical perspective.
Another great response from aprzn123. BroncoBoy18, the previous 2 questions asked are still answerable.

QUESTION 3: How have you improved the culture of the website during your campaign?
Answer to question one:Yes while I believe that the coleeloc incident was taken care of swiftly(probably not even a week) and effectively, that was just one example, we do not know if there are any other incidents, other then TESA that caused that much chaos, we know however that the mods are able to take care of these accounts and stop the chaos ten fold easily

Answer to question two: To help newcomers to the site, as you can see I post M-F with a pun, I try to enlighten everyone's spirits to help them in this time, also if they haven't they should get vaccinated ASAP, we can end this sooner or later, keep wearing your masks in places they are required or recommended

Answer to question three: As mentioned during and even before my campaign I post a quick joke each weekday, not to help with the campaigns, but to enlighten everyone's spirits to help with anything they are going through, weather it is grief, or depression, I am offering to help
dang, that's a good response
thank you
I think that my best recent contribution to this website's culture is the e-bag song. It really seems to have united all the BeepBox users here, as well as leading to the offspring project that is the national anthem. Additionally, it has received much positive feedback, suggesting that even those who didn't participate in its creation are able to enjoy it.
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