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Wish I could use it



Continous Updates
the form cuts off most of the B answers
It does?
No, I think that's just how it was wrote.

Poll Closed

Final Results: aprzn123 wins with about 69% (69.44...%)

aprzn123 wins!

I'm also very satisfied with the number.

aprzn123 wins with 25 votes
BroncoBoy18 loses with 11 votes
Total of 36 votes

Thank you for voting!

I had it set to if the loser had at least a third of the vote, I would do a recount vote using the questions that were answered. But, the loser got less than a third of the vote, so we have a winner.
When can we overthrow aprzn123?
Impeachment by the legislature.
What if we have semiannual elections?
Find a good time.

But for now, pick your vice president.
IIRC, I agreed to give that role to Incognito Girl, so I'm appointing her as vice president.
Alright. You're in office now and so is vice president. Now please help get some more active people in the legislature. I'd like the first TwoCans Legislative Session to start soon.
Seeing as how I lost the election it is time to deploy my backup plan
“You didn’t think I had a backup plan to my back up plan”

Carl 2019
Joke's on you, while you were all busy debating and voting, I went ahead and stole all the nukes.

What, you thought my mushroom cloud was just a joke?
Kylljoy is now the global superpower or TC&S. Pray you don't get nuked.
Ha, you fool

*equips Hazmat Suit*
Hahaha well I have a backup plan
e-bag said:
Kylljoy is now the global superpower or TC&S. Pray you don't get nuked.

That's High General Kylljoy to you. I pledge allegiance behind the CPEL president but maintain my autonomy and power to blow whomever I want to high hell as I please.

After all, the only way to gain power in the world is to have the power to eliminate any and all threats at a moment's notice.
I think Kylljoy should lead the military against our two rival nations. Unless he's just going to nuke them all the time... Then I KNOW Kylljoy is perfect.
Who says they're rivals
Unless they do anything to make themselves rivals, I see no reason why they should be
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