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This is simple. Your first post will give your character a name and a short description of that character. As time passes, and more characters enter, we will have a nice storyline. Not really a story. Listen, after the first post, you basically (whenever you are on this thread) pretend you are your character. For example, I might have my first post as Bob, and after, I say what Bob would say. Remember to say what your character does in parentheses or asterisks. Also say your characters' name in brackets at the beginning.

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The setting is a complicated.

If your character isn't posted on this post, PM me to notify me, please.

Summary of the story so far (remember its better to read the actual play if you have the time)

ACT 1 (4 scenes) pg.1 : Principal Pi walks into the school to and Carson Ford arrives early. John and Doug come too, early. They argue about weird stuff and later follow Pi for donuts. After more weird talking, and a donut in somebody's face, they talk some more, now mostly about rice, Pi leaves to do stuff. Soon, Doug stops talking and Carson and John found him unconscious. Pi came and saw this and Peter came. After some arguing and discussion about the body just trying to get Carson to stop talking smack about everyone, John had left and Peter had ran away with two old men. Dan joined and they all brought the body to the Nurse's office. Then it was discovered that the superintendent, Carson's mom was dead. And then Pi sent them off to class after the rest of the school saw an unconscious body. They kept saying Doug was dead, but then stop and say unconscious. Mrs. Heather was their homeroom and English teacher. Carson and Dan had some hatred, saying the other one murdered Carson's mom. Mrs. H left to get a donut, and came back to see Carson talking about murder and Dan dancing naked all around the room. Dan got detention. John came in late to the class. Mrs. Heather wanted everyone to introduce themselves, but they all argued over who should be first. (Keep in mind someone is still knocked out). They start fighting and producing fake weapons. Mrs. Heather leaves and Pi enters. Pi comes with police and Dan and Carson are arrested for the murder of Rachel Ford, the superintendent, Carson's mother. John is a witness. Then Pi is shot and dies. A figure comes around and shoots the police and Mrs. Heather dead. The figure is RACHEL FORD! A bomb blew the school up. She has come to enroll the alive kids and John refuses. John and Rachel Ford fight and Rachel Ford is stabbed. Later they argue over if they should disembowel the body (Carson) or take Rachel in for questions since she is alive(John). Carol comes in and demands to destroy Rachel Ford. Later Rachel reveals that she is part of an organization (Cyanide) and the boss is Blaze. The 4 partners she reveals too but she only says "Ca-" of the last person's name before falling dead. Then John tries to get CArson and CArol arrested, claiming to be police. Soon after, things are resolved, and everyone is sleeping in the destroyed room of Mrs. Heathers. With a lot of dead bodies.

ACT 2 (3 scenes) pg. 19: Everyone wakes up except for John. They prepare to take out the organs of Rachel Ford's body, while Dan and Carson argue over popcorn. Ryan joins. After some talk with a random hippie (Ben Dover) from the woods, they meet with Peter, who came back. Carol goes to find Doug while Peter and Carson fail to slap John (but do break his nose) to wake up and drags his body back, which nobody gives help with. Dan decides to peel off the skin of Rachel Ford, which disgusts everyone to the core. Blegh!!! Carol accidentally reveals that she is an accomplice with Rachel Ford through her reveal of the secret lair to rest in and she turns to be evil. She tries to escape and ails and they get a hold of the keys to the secret lair underneath the school. Anyway, Dan checks his device and finds that a nuclear bomb is about to hit the already destroyed building. Desperate chaos ensues, with people dragging and throwing each other into the woods and people running for their lives. Carol manages to run around and stab a tired Ryan, who stopped her from escaping earlier into the woods. Carol refuses to give the also needed passcode to open the door and says that three incorrect tries will cause the lair to self-destruct and the bomb will come and kill them all. Dan tries to type in the right passcodes twice into the lair since there is shelter and medical tools inside and the others tell him to stop, fearing for their life, saying they will die anyway. Dan takes his chance and types in "passcode" for the passcode, and the door opens. Everyone gets inside, along with the sleeping Doug and John. Dan kills Carol with a bomb. Everyone gets their medical attention, and John finally wakes up. Some of them meet Jack, a slave who has lived his life in the lair, serving Rachel and Carol, who are now dead, making him free. He gives them protection and fixes John's nose, and let's them rest for the night, deciding the next day, they will see if someone rescues them.

Act 3 (4 scenes) pg. 32: Most of the people wake up and Jack asks if anybody is hungry. Carson and Dan immediately go crazy and decide they want to eat Jack himself. Jack tells to others to eat some cake and tries to get Carson and Dan to stop wanting to kill someone and eat him. Carson and Dan switch to deciding to kill Jared, who appeared out of nowhere, and eat Jared for breakfast. Peter gets to the weapon room and everyone tries to get the two to calm down. Dan gets worse, opening the door and with Carson, taking Jared outside even when Jack warned that they would get roasted and cooked like ducks if they stayed out. That made things worse, and Jared got weird, wanting cocaine, finding some later. Jack tries to get some sleeping gas to help, but it doesn't work, and eventually, a gas leak occurs. After a large ruckus, Peter hides and sleeps in a closet, while Dan starts to hallucinate, acting as if he had taken the drugs they believed Doug to have taken in Act 1. The gas leak is fixed, but not without some insults between everyone. Carson and Dan now want to kill anybody, and Jack, tired, points them to the basement, where there are enemy servants that can be killed. Ryan rejects this killing, but Jack explains why he lets Carson and Dan to kill them off. Jack leads everyone else, and the hiding Peter, and the sleeping John (who woke up at some time but fell back asleep) and Doug to the ship that would bring them away from the flooded island and to the mainland, which would take days for the journey. Meanwhile, Carson and Dan kill off the servants, and rush back to the ship. Everyone gets on the ship.

Act 4 (5 scenes) pg. 42: Now that everyone is on the ship, they are glad that they don't have to go back, like Peter said. It's time for lunch, but before that, they see that Carson and Dan, the maniacal friends, are lying down. John, Jack, and Peter make plans to make sure they keep those two under control. Jack asks if anyone is hungry, and most of them eat either pizza, cake, or both for lunch. Jack realizes that they have very little water left to drink, and Jared suggests having some cocaine. Jared then notices that the ship has nobody steering it, while John keeps screaming that water is living. Everything goes crazy, fearing that they will crash. Jack goes to steer the ship and John goes to sleep. Carson awakens, asking who thought she was passed out, making her hear everything said. John keeps screaming about water, and Jack sees a wave, and get terrified, getting everyone else terrified. In fact, the wave was a small one and just rocked the boat a bit. Dan wakes up while Peter is throwing up over the side of the bow, taking some time away because he is seasick. Dan screams for help and gets delusional again, screaming he sees a rescue ship. He was hallucinating. Carson and Dan aren't hungry, since they had eaten the servants they killed in the basement earlier. Jack decides to go and filter seawater to drink, when Carson asks Jack to be careful. After some talk of hallucinating and existence, Jack comes back with fresh water, but Dan ignores him and keeps talking. Carson is tired of hearing Dan's voice and soon enough, they get angry at each other. Dan decides he wants to kill Jack and pulls out a sword. Carson prevents this by saying he likes Jack, and that Jack is adorable. Peter warns them not to fight, and Carson asks for Dan to die. They all get rowdy and threaten to kill each other. The fight ends and Carson asks Jack if he plays sports, which of course, Dan interjects and says soccer. Jack says sure if slave work is a sport. Dan interjects again and Carson suggests playing soccer with Dan's head. Carson gets on Jack's side, showing some love while they reach a small island to rest and have dinner. The others who are awake go to the island while Carson and Jack stay behind to have a little... something. Dan comes on and the two try to get away from him, later Jack deciding to go to a cave, which Carson is worried about, which Jack says he will protect Carson, in which Carson says jack looks a bit weak, which Jack says he's strong since he does labor and built the Machine. Carson questions and Jack says the Machine is something that would help Blaze take over the world. Dan interjects again, calling Jack evil for building that, but Carson protects Jack, saying he was forced to do it anyway.

Act 5 (1 scene) pg. 50: Carson and Jack decide they hate Dan, who is currently sleeping. The others who are awake are eating chicken and crab at the campfire. The two make plans to get rid of Dan. Carson suggests killing Dan, which Jack worries would bring them away from the company of the others. Instead, Jack suggests leaving Dan on the island to fend for himself. They plan to bring Dan's sleeping body to a pit full of mud while Carson distracts the others at the campfire. Carson throws rocks at the others, while Jack starts dragging Dan's body to the pit. When he gets there, he calls for Carson, and they decide to kick Dan's head around like a soccer ball, and when Dan's head is bleeding and everything, they kick him into the pit. They leave to join the others at the campfire.

At this point, I stopped summarizing. Just freestyling from now on.

Current Characters (crossed out means dead or gone):
W_Licky(multiple characters):

Mr. Pi, the principal of PB High School (Plain Boring). Has two cats and is married to NOBODY. Also is like 60 years old. Also SUPER short.
Mrs. Heather: Homeroom teacher of Carson and Dan. Also their English teacher.
Rachel Ford is the superintendent and Carson's mother.
Caroline Seur: A senior who likes cars and is rich.

Jack: A no surname teen who has lived trapped in the lair his whole life.

depressed guy -Ryan Dee pressed gai, a popular kid that can be too honest sometimes.

PoikiChoi - Carson Ford, really likes cars, once bought a car even though he can't drive. is on the school's soccer team. (his mother is Pi's boss. Yes, his mother is the superintendent)

lyricalcarpenter: Steve Rigby: an introverted musician with an addiction to cheesecake. (ROLE REMOVED. IF YOU WANT THE ROLE BACK, PM ME.)

dumbkeara: Jared. Senior. 19. Doesn't know how to read.

M̷̢̛̳͉̓̔́̾͆o҈̤̪̮̯҇̋̂͆͢ͅţ̶̤̮͎̝̤̿̇̎͡h̸̛̰̭̖̱̓̾̊̎͢e̶̢̲̟̤҇͋̒̈̽̅ṟ̶̯̑͒͐͜͞, who knows?
Peter, Senior, plays drums in his rock band with his buddies.
Ben Dover, local hippie, lives in the forest and lives off the land.

hoylecake: Douglas Douglas. also a senior... doesnt know his age because he forgot it 12 years ago. has a strong distaste for microwaves and usually causes a fire out of frustration whenever he sees one

BroncoBoy18 (and his alt, minewizard14): John Clarke: A normal guy whose into memes

anonymous TC&S user:
Dan Apjab'CaBidaen: A random student that wants to show off his short first name and long last name
Poopie Boi: N/A

HyrdoManiac1: Ok my character is a male Karen his name malaren. He finds every instance to belittle and complain to every person ever. Not much of him is know besides that he lives on the bus because he doesn’t get off of it, and that he will make people disappear if they ask too many questions

demented kermit: Harold

I've quit putting new characters that get introduced.
Ryan Dee pressed gai, a popular kid that can be too honest sometimes.
Carson Ford, really likes cars, once bought a car even though he can't drive. is on the school's soccer team.
Steve Rigby: an introverted musician with an addiction to cheesecake.
Mr. Pi, the principal of PB High School (Plain Boring). Has two cats and is married to NOBODY. Also is like 60 years old. Also SUPER short.
Jared. Senior. 19. Doesn't know how to read.

Peter, Senior, plays trumpet in the band, doesn't really have any friends.
Douglas Douglas. also a senior... doesnt know his age because he forgot it 12 years ago. has a strong distaste for microwaves and usually causes a fire out of frustration whenever he sees one

i really hope i made a good bio im terrible at stories

[Mr. Pi]

(Walking to the school with a swimsuit on.)

My, my what a lovely day. The sun is garishly hot and the flowers are all drying up. (sighs)

Ahhhhh, beautiful days. The first day of school! (Raises up hands) Time to strike FEAR into the HEARTS of every STUDENT!


(sees Carson strolling by) (shuts up and acts normally and continues walking to the front door of the school)

(Opens the door with key) (Goes inside)(Holds door for Carson, who is really early)

Why hello Carson. Back to school and you're the first one back, eh? Will you join any clubs this year? Any teams?
is there a car club? i really like cars, hope to marry one someday. if i cant do that then ill just fuck a girl with a car name in one.

oh. and my mother wants me to be in the soccer team again
whenever he gets nervous he talks about cars as a coping mechanism
[Principal Pi]

(shaking head) Sorry, Carson. There's no car club.

But there is a soccer team! Wanna join? (smiles anxiously while having a flashback)


Superintendent Ford: Listen Mr. Pi! If you don't get my son, Carson, into the soccer team, I will FIRE you!
Me: Y-Yes, Sir!
Superintendent Ford: What was that?
Me: Yes, SIR!
Superintendent Ford: Good! Now get your face out of here!

but mom said there was going to be a car club. (quietly and threateningly) she said if you didnt make one then she’ll fire you. (carson stared down at him with big innocent eyes)

lmao can we make the principal like, really fucking short
John Clarke:
A normal guy whose into memes and a stand user

Douglas runs to the door, panting extremely loudly. He looks like he has seen things he is not yet ready to see, and wants to be in a safe place as soon as possible.

"For the love of God, let me in."

"It's push not pull"

Douglas is immediately filled with unbridled rage has he very slowly pushes open the door, looking down at John with an immensely disappointed and disgruntled face

(blinks slowly at them for a moment)
...whats with all of this ruckus?

He(Points at Douglas) can't open a door

maybe hes just tired

Listen, listen, I knew I was supposed to push it. I intentionally pulled it to steer that, uh, thing away. Please let me in. I don't want any BS, please. Just let me in and lock the door on my way in.
(looks at carson with searing pain) and how am I tired? Did you NOT see me running around the entire school to get here? These COVID-19 guidelines are requiring us to only go one direction so I was done for from the start, but now is my chance. I'm not losing it, just let me in now please.
You are already in here, and we can't lock it

(muttering) stop talking so much

(louder for the rest of them to hear) dude we're all 30 minutes early to school

i need a moment (slowly backs away)
PoikiChoi said:

lmao can we make the principal like, really fucking short

Ok he is really short.
oh god that red text made me think a mod entered the thread lol
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