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We make a speech, one post at a time.

“We puppies have never experienced such fear.”
, but will never back down from
the injustice the cats of the waters have brought upon us,
For reasons unknown
With which of which will lead to
the end to poverty, world hunger, and increase rate of
abuse on every cat, shape, and squirrel, paving the way for
dogs to take over
killing every wretchedly hated cat and
shape and squirrel, but with a small monthly donation
; we will rise upon the cats and take our freedom back! I know we all
Can do this for this is our birthday as we are
Wait this doesn't make sense
holding onto the greatest treasure of all of dogkind,

and we shall keep it
and prevent any dreaded cat from
Being un-cute
and never shall any of us of the Dog Race bow down to the evil master of Cats,
but we shall join them
but hath grateful we have been for joining thy company and for faith, we impress thee and shall give them another time.
But you may ask, impress who? We must impress the Prince of Cats, as we all know the violent one of them all! We shall take one of his eight lives left, as he hath been killed once centuries ago!

Search up "prince of cats Shakespeare" and you will understand
We had taken much from us, but now we will have our revolution! A revolution of the Common dog
Stand high! Stand high, fellow dogs and pups! For our freedom must be fought with the courage of a great dog!
Never will we ever bow down to the Cat Prince, the cruel feline who claws at our poverty! Dogkind will rise above the filthy cats of the water! Never shall the cats take over! Never! Never! Never!
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