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Simple. Ask Mother for something. Then next person becomes Mother and says something to reject it. Then they ask a different Mother for something. Make it as ridiculous as you want.

I begin.

Mother, may I have a delightful and properly seared steak with extra pepper?
no it is easier just to burn the whole steak , mother can i go to a friends house
did i do it right?
No, you can stay at home and sleep next to the washing machine instead.

Mother, may I please have a new jacket?

Yes you did it right.
No, this dish rag will work better
mother can i ice cream?
two forums same time baby
No, you can have my homemade banana and sardine pudding.

Mother, may I have a pet hamster?
No, you may have a pet raccoon instead.
mother, can I have some new shoes?
Alright, you can have these paper bags I got two minutes ago.

Mother, may I join my friends in the parade?
No, you might have fun.

Mother, can I go swimming
No, but you can go play in that pool of sticky oil right over there in the bathroom.

Mother, may I please have a cookie?
No, you can have my turkey sandwich I just spit into my foot tub.

Mother, can I make Pluto happy?
No, you can stay in the trashcan instead.

Mother, can I make pluto a planet again
No, you can make a an asteroid this time.

Mother, may I please have some pizza?
No, we have bread and tomatoes at home.

Mother, can i stay home from school
Wait you go to school

Mother may I go to the arcade
no honey, you have a stick in the yard to play with

mother may I eat dinner
No, you just had enough calories from sucking on my toe juice.

Mother, may I please have a cake?
No, you gave it to me as a gift

Mother, can I use TheExper.SharedAccount2 as an alt since I'm the only one with access now
No, because i said so

Mother, can i be as cool as you someday
no because you piss your pants

mother may i have knowledge
No, you're a pepper

Mother, may I please not be in school
no, you support QAnon

Mother may people stop calling me a pepper?
this post does not exist
No, cause that's where you are

Mother may sleep be unnecessary?
No, it is the only time i get away from you

Mother, may i get the new PlayStation
No, I already got a cardboard box for you.

Mother, may I get new shoes?
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