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Where will bills come from? Other people will have to PM a legislator who may introduce the bill to the Legislature and discuss and vote on if it should be law. A two-thirds vote is needed. Otherwise, they must argue and revise the bill. Of course, the law that passes through the Legislature must go to the President, who may veto and pass the bill. From there, it's self-explanatory. Pass turns it to law and veto, go back to the Legislature. The Legislature can opt to throw the bill out and work on other things.

Edit: That stuff might change. ^

Current President

Will also watch this thread and will veto/pass when time comes.
Current President: aprzn123
Current Vice President: incognito girl

Current Offical Legislature

Chief Legislator: N/A
Legislators: e-bag, red, BroncoBoy18, Currentnathan, Cinnamon_Toast
edit nvm
ima be the president soooooo

if u do get elected, you get a whole lotta power
apr for prez
Bronco for Prez
I'm in first place after the dropout of Demented so
apr is also eliminated so were the only two competitors
You and who else
Aprzn, with the dropout of Demented for legal reasons, and you being eliminated, I have a strong chance to be the president of TCAS
I'd like to suggest that each vote be weighted based on account age and post count. This would mitigate sockpuppet accounts.
...and you needn't worry about an old account self-voting to victory because us longtimers can't be bothered with this bu@#$%^t, lol
That wouldn't be fair.
Agreed EX: PoikiChoi may be the only vote for Aprzn's campaign but if I only had W_Licky and Annonymus tc&s user, I wouldn't win
Well if the measure isn't agreed on then it would be poor democracy to enforce it regardless.

Maybe disqualify accounts that did not exist prior to some cutoff date, say, one week before the elections were first called?
We'll figure it out.
When will more legislators come?
BroncoBoy18 and Currentnathan have entered!

yes, i know bronco is a presidential candidate.

he might lose

but if he wins

I don't care

who doesn't like some corruption?

double power is just FINE
says the person running it behind the scenes
it would give YOU power
and you run it behind the scenes, look at the election stuff
i wanna be a LEGislator

i have some major leg
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