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Ima use hamon and kill myself *dies*

Don't do this santa we still need you. *breaks down in crow tears*

*uses Gold Experience*
*Biggermen Theme starts playing*
Cars: Creator of the stone masks
Dedocated Wam:the last airbender
acdc:hot blood man
Accurate description of the Pillar Men
*teleports to the group with acdc and wam* there seems to be a god here

*Dodges Josephus punch* Wait, we're here to help

Prove it
[dedocated wam]
*Almost kills greenneck* there you have your proof
don't worry, the bigger men will be evil soon >:)
[Bigger men]
*starts beating up green neck*
*Snaps greennecks neck*
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*unsnaps neck*
that was easy, barely an inconvenience
welp, my job is done *hops into the comedy

What is going on we should be catching the redneck
[Bart.] I'm... not sure?

ahg my back is tight
*starts stretching it out*

Redneck’s back rips.

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