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It Does
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Far Bend

The ghost that haunts the village.
[Far Bend]

*pops out of nowhere*


Are you a stand user?
[Far Bend]

I consider myself a stand consumer.

So... why are you here?
[Far Bend]

To terrorize citizens of course.

Now... be scared.

Reverse card

*uses the fact that everyone is distracted by the ghost to escape on my atv*

Stops him by destroying the tires with razor sharp bubbles

*uses the bubbles as tires*

haha youll never catch me

*deactivates the bubbles by popping them*

*grabs caesars nose and runs away*

*places Redneck in a hypnotizing spell*


*revives Redneck for eternity*
{Greenneck, Rednecks friend}

*Kills redneck*

Did you forget he's immortal now

I'm creating a new character called Ed, master of alchemy

well he isnt immortal because i just killed him

*is dead*

*draws circle around Redneck* *points to Greeneck* Get in
*circle erupts in a column of flame, blasting rednecks body to the side to reveal...*
Ricky - A very unfortunate demon who has seen and done some shit

This wasn't where I was supposed to end up...
Oh, well.

Want me to send you back?

Can't anyways because I was banished here after dropping a demonic artifact in the form of a backpack into a different reality by mistake. Does anyone have any beer?

Ah I am familiar, that wasn't a different reality, that was the future, as my future self saw that
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