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Titan your character is probably the most serious and interesting one. Seems the rest of us are more into joke characters.
Name: The children call him scarecrow
Occupation: Dungeon keeper
Age: Old enough to scary
Gender: Crow
Additional info: Scary crow that stand by the dungeon. Nobody dare past the crowd dungeons
Ok boutta edit my character and give some backstory on how he got an ATV in a primitive village

Let's begin the play.


okay i'll take it less seriously in the third installment of this series. i'll keep it for this one though, since it's allegedly a tragedy.

*Looking out the window of his shack*

Who cawed?
Name : Durnnal Morkium / Ikamtopff
Age : ?????
Gender : Dude
Relationship Status : Outlived every Spouse, Single by choice.
Occupation : Wise Sage and Occasional Arsonist
Description : Weird old dude who lives in a hole at the edge of the village. Deals in prophecy and the like, assumed to be wise but might also be senile. Unbeknownst to most, shares a body with Ikamtopff, an Eldritch god destined to raze civilization who was imprisoned in mortal flesh, and is the source of Durnal's ability to divinate the future, as well as his apparent immortality. Ikamtopff takes over whenever Durnal is drunk and/or tipsy.
Redneck mcgeee

*pulls up on my ATV*

What is that contraption of metal you've got over there? You know you're not supposed to use the village's metal for stuff like this.

Morning, neighbor! What is that, um, strange carriage you have? It sure is loud.

Furious pecking on atv for coming near the dungeon

What is this metal you speak of. I like metal music.
*pulls out speaker*

Have you been drinking milk again?

I always use milk

What is that clanking noise? It's unbearable! (Covers ears)
Red neck

It’s called a six cylinder running half milk
It's ICE'd milk. Nobody gets that joke. I'll see myself out.
*Loud banging came from the local blakcsmithing shop*

I could use a glass myself. Think you could spare one for an old man such as myself?

Who are you? I've never seen you around here...

*squints eyes suspiciously*

** Dive bombs the atv and goes too close and fallls to the ground**
Redneck Mcgee

Gets off the ATV and goes over the the noise

Oh my days!

*tags along, also curious about the noise*
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