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TC&S Republic

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Plays in Order of Creation

The Comedy: Plain Boring School (PBS)

The Tragedy: Village Farbend

The Satire: Totally Sirius

The Romance: Beyond Roses

if this follows the pattern of greek theatre, there should be a satire to round out the trilogy.
Isn’t the whole thing a satire?
It's just free form.
Another question: Do we have to be in the Republic to join the play or can I just hop in?
Everyone who has an account is in the Republic.
oh ok
Edit: That question was pretty stupid of me
I have cover images for the two plays!

those look great

also i am having way too much fun roleplaying as sephiroth incarnate
And the logo for the Village is my hat
I created a character but am stuck in class so I can’t participate in the play :(
Can you make a quick summary of all the character for each play here

Just like a name and what/who they are
I have a lot on my hands.

you made the threads...
Are the plays connected?
No, not connected in plot events at all.
Do they take place in the same universe?
If you want.
Another question, do you have anything big planned?
For the plays? Nope. By the way, three plays would be nicer than two?
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