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Fight to be the ceremonial monarch of the Kingdom of TC&S, the Republic. Keep things nice. It will be crazy since you know how real life monarchies used to work...

TwoCans Seal, Royal Flag, Grand Crown, State Crown, and Coronet

TC&S Republic

Keeper of the Governemnt: W_Licky

Monarchs in order and cause of end of reign with royal insignias

Antagonist - Beheaded by Pelon after a glorious 7-minute reign

Pelon - Beheaded by minewizard14 after a tyrannical 49-minute reign

minewizard14 I - shot with an arrow in the groin by MrEvilPie after an 8-minute reign

MrEvilPie - burned to death along with heir, Pelon, by minewizard14 after a 20-minute reign

minewizard14 II- (Very long reign)Got so angry and slammed fist so hard that the shocks waves ruptured his bladder. Reigned 81 days.

DragonMasta9001 - died from old age (STUPIDLY LONG REIGN of 327 days)

minewizard14 III - betrayed by guards (looong reign)

blonlordpheonix - immediately abdicates to heir

e-bag - cancerous seals go missing, throne returned to previous ruler

blonlordpheonix - short second reign, flees

minewizard14 IV - currently ruling


Other Nobles

(Status will change; but not placement on this list; everyone stays!) (past/present)

Titanlord237 - Lord Titan

W_Licky - Lord Licky

Pelon - Duke Pelon

e-bag - Duke Ebag

blonlordpheonix - Baron Blon
Umm what about the President
president stuff stays with the legislature and the presidential campaigns threads.
Ooh tomatoes
Do you want to have a chance to be king?
No I want to behead the king
There's no king yet. But if you behead an existing king, you could become the new king.
Yes I want to behead a king to become the king
Ah ok. Let's watch to see who is the first king.
I would like to be the first monarch so that I can be beheaded immediately.
I would like to be the royal


assistant monarch
So will Antagonist be our first Monarch?
And they’re we have it I AM KING no response back from the peasant.


I don't like our new king. Can somebody get rid of him?
You have invented battle royale. Emphasis on the "royale".
As new king i declare it to be duck season year-round

I don't like that....
You dont have to im king πŸ˜‹

-_- πŸ˜‘ -_- πŸ˜‘ -_- πŸ˜‘ -_-

Can someone depose him? I can't because if I do, I'll just look more like a dictator of the whole country than I already am.
pelon is a good king
Maybe, maybe not.
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