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As per Licky's request, I've moved discussion on a possible anthem away from the ebag composition thread to over here.

Here's a possible start.
Should we add a bit of the Canada national theme?
Up to you. Similar to the ebag thread, anyone can add as we continue.
I added this
I'm liking this.
This sounds like a carnival ride, almost.

Edit: Added the chords into red.
On a side note, I made an EAS for Twocans Here.
i taught myself how to use beepbox please let me help!
Take whatever swings you want at the piece! An anthem for the people should be created by the people, no?
what does eas mean
This anthem is specifically made by the people so go ahead!

EAS is emergency alert system?

added a countermelody and looped it better

i think this sounds really good :)

added yet another countermelody, this time in brass. (yay, now it's a gen 3 pokemon song!)

edit: a better version: removed the brass part from the first time the melody plays
Can you make those links into actual links so it’s easier to get to?
they are actual links
I know they are but I’m on mobile right now and I can’t copy and paste the link.
sorry i'm not very good at composing...

:/ also sorry licky i'll fix them for you
Thanks. 😁
Can you stop also using a URL Shortner cause I could post this and I expect it to be a rickroll
i'm using the url shortener that comes with beepbox

if the only url shorteners we used were for rickrolls, then you'd never fall for it.

I changed up the 1 measure break it sounded out of place but i am not 100 percent sold on what I have.
that fixed a lot of my issues with the song, actually

maybe get rid of that last measure, though.
Something was really dissonant, so I fixed it. I also edited the brass part in the second refrain.
I converted it to jummbox, the more advanced and newer version of beebbox
I edited it. This should be good.
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