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I got bored so now i rule over this country

The two cans republic recognizes me as a country

Patriots this country needs YOU to help protect these sacred lands in case any conflict shall arise.
cool. good luck.
A rival to The Two Cans Republic?
Don't you dare.
TCaS republic should win.


I am severely under prepared
It’s you versus the whole site.
Shall I declare war?
Not yet
Bide your time.
I don't have military. I DO have that military meeting thread.
And minewizard rules the democracy
No, you are king. And possibly president.
So, for now, unless he has a serious threat, we hold off
Plus, we need to get approval from the legislators to start a war.
We have barely any legislators. Whoever says they want to be one gets the job instantly! GO!
maybe this should be moved to the Republic thread

Edit: I want legislator!
Alright. Legislator you are.
I second that

edit: im not in the republic thread
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