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*eats you*
*has an epiphany and trades onion to counter for onion rings*
*Gives Probot some onion rings*
Send it back it’s not coated on gold
I'll coat you with boiling oil if you don't shut up.
No thank you
Yes thank you, now shaddup.
No I won’t
Then you get the oil, boyo.
Try me
*Grabs the boiling oil*
*grabs the lighter*

I’ll do it
Do what? Light yourself on fire after I pour this stuff on you?
This hole place is going down
*Pours the boiling oil on HydroManiac*
This hole place is going down

Haha you used the wrong word.
Lights the lighter making the whole place catch fire
Haha I'm not burned.
JUST GIVE ME MY ******************* ONION RINGS!!!!!
*Gives Probot some onion rings*
*tosses more onion rings to Probot*

There you go.
*sits down happily in the blazing heap and starts inhaling onion rings*
Want catsup with that?
*pulls out handgun*

No, that's not how you say it. Say it right.
Vinegary red stuff then
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