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The rules are simple: One person give themself any superpower, and the next person gives a side effect. It can be related to the super power, or not.

P1: I can fly
P2: but you get unbearable foot cramps

I have super hearing
P1: but you can only hear p**n

You get the idea:

Be creative
I will start:

I have teleport any food in a 10 foot radius to me
Includes rotten food and you are forced to eat it

A JJBA stand
But you have prostate cancer

only a head

Influence over others
But you are always horny

I can teleport
no control over it

Water Breathing
As long as there is no water touching your feet.

Super Strength.
only can lift one object at a time, with both hands

only works on goats

time travel
only works on goats

you can become a ghost
the dead hate you

Only used if they fall in love with you

Electric Manipulation
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Only when you're wearing a suit of full chain mail.

Infinite knowledge.
Hey, hows getting TSAR-Bomba back up going
e-bag said:
Infinite knowledge.

about the history of cheese

I can make anyones nose bleed
But when you do that the blood is coming out of you

I can open pickle jars
only when you are touching bread

I can eat an entire loaf of bred in one bite
Only when you're in Ukraine.

You can teleport any object to you.
Teleports inside of you.

Super speed
only your left foot

i have stretchy legs
I SWEAR this has been a thread before

Edit: I was thinking about useless superpowers which is basically the opposite of this
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