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ok well post so this doesnt die please and thanks
only your left foot

i have stretchy legs

But a horrible sense of balance.

The ability to influence emotions,
It is hornyness

You know Hamon
hamon doesnt know you

i can eat and not gain weight
You can not enjoy it, your body slowly bit by bit wants to kill itself just from eating food, even if it's something you enjoy

The ability to switch between parallel dimensions
your big toe goes bigger each time you do it

i can grow and shrink me feet at will
Your legs shrink with no way to return them to normal

You are a vampire without any of the weaknesses
when you turn into a bat you still have a human dick

i can fly
max altitude is your dick size

You can go into a Minecraft world
You cant come out

I can shoot electricity with my hands
You are wanted in every continent

your soul cant be claimed
but its only half a soul

I can eat anything. anything. Metal, wood. Anything
but eating things gives you terrible indigestion, leaving you in pain and discomfort

I can control glass
You can move glass but it only goes into your mouth and then you have to drink it down

I can walk on water
As long as you're wearing, and doing, everything that attracts a sea bear.

You can talk to animals.
Only negative things

You never need to take care of bodily functions
your left leg is 7.49 inches shorter than your right

I can crushing things with my mind
your right leg is 7.49 inches shorter than your left

You have access to the TCaS server
but only to view

I can stop you from talking in second person
But they now talk in third person

I can see where anything is, whenever I want
but you can't see more than one thing at a time

everyone has to always tell me the truth
But you can only tell a lie

Everyone has a stand
except for you

i have unlimited money
But you can only donate to (insert political person you don’t like)

I can move really fast
but you can never slow down and you miss everything

i have a good sense of style
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