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but all your clothes are hella tight

i can breathe underwater
but only when holding a Devils Hole pupfish

i can talk to animals
Only when underwater

You can control time
but can only make it go backward

i can make me feet grow to any size
but yours hands disappear when you do

i wish i could teleport
but where you teleport is completely random

i can type extremely fast
but you have a typo in every word

i'm always comfortable
except when breathing

I am always awake
you are extremely sleep deprived all the time

i am the best artist to ever live
Can only draw stick figures

I can make anybody horny
only works on males

i can make anyone fall in love with me
everyone falls in love with you, so you're basically cheating on everyone

i can make anyone hungry
you have to be twice as hungry as you want them to be

I can shapeshift
Can only draw stick figures

hey i mean alan becker has over 10m subs and all he draws are stick figures so that aint too bad if you ask me
you can only shapeshift once in your life

i can do my homework, with all answers correct, with the snap of my finger
the homework lights on fire right after.

i can shoot lasers out of my eyes
you blind yourself

i have a high iq
but the fbi finds you and assassinates you because "you knew too much"

i feel no pain
pain feels you

I can blink 200 times per second
which is basically keeping your eyes closed all the time.

i wish i could sleep less without suffering from sleep deprivation.
you can't do anything productive in the period you would usually sleep in

i have motivation
but you are motivated to do all the wrong things (Arson, shoplifting, murder and so on)

I can pick my nose really fast
But it always needs to be picked

I can read minds
but everyone can also read yours

i can will anything i want to be true
but theres always...a side effect

i can instantly absorb all the knowledge in any book
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