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but you get chronic heartburn whenever you do it

I can rearrange atoms with my mind
But only Hydrogen atoms

I can control each user here
but all you can do is click the "Mark all as read" in each forum category

I can make people have brain freeze
But only after they eat something cold

I can manipulate time
But you can only go back 5 seconds in time.

I can fly
But only if you're holding your breath

I can go invisible
But only in an airplane (ninja'd but it's fine lol)

I can grant wishes
But only three a person and none for yourself.

Where have I heard this one before

I can help anyone
but only yourself

I can draw flawless masterpieces
But only while $73,843 dollars in debt, exactly.

I can create matter at will.
But only in microscopic quantities.

I can sit up straight.
Only when you're hunched over

I can cure every disease in existence
But whenever you cure one, a new disease is created in its place

I don't have to maintain my bodily functions
You have to maintain everyone else's

I become the teacher
Because no one else wants to

I can make Bronco believe anything is a Jojo reference, even when it's not
But he already does that

I can become big brain
And so does everyone else

I am one punch man
As in one punch kills you

I am half-cyborg
and half blobfish

But that accent in the E makes you from mexico and have no holy powers

I'm NEO from the matrix the cheap mobile games that they make about everything.

but only in your own eyes

i have a really big middle fingers
But they're now your only fingers.

I can teleport.
But only a step ahead

I am a wizard
but while in the kitchen of 2012 helm lane, denton texas\

i am SMORT
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