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Sweet dreams are made of this
who am i to disaaagreee
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around, and desert you
hey now, you're an all star
get your game on, go play
Hey now, you're a rockstar,
get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold
it's a cool place, but they say it gets say it gets colder
You're bundled up now, wait 'til you get older
Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it
Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, snap it, work it, quick erase it
Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick rewrite it
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip - unzip it
Lock it, fill it, call it, find it, view it, code it, jam, unlock it
Surf it, scroll it, pause it, click it, cross it, crack it, switch, update it
Name it, read it, tune it, print it, scan it, send it, fax, rename it
Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it, turn it, leave it, stop, format it
Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are blue.
Sweet home alabama
Lord, I'm coming home to you.
In Birmingham they love the governor (boo-hoo-hoo)
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