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idk if someone did this

start a sentence but never finish it, and nobody will ever know what was after that sentence because you're forbidden to tell them

i'll go first

sometimes at night i like to
Send people.

isnt this just three word story?
not really, because you aren't finishing the sentence. you're starting a new one and never finishing it. it's completely unrelated to the reply
I wish I could touch some...
My real name is
majority of the time, i find myself staring at
Who exactly is
It's over anakin, I have the
Why is
jojo's bizarre adventure is so
When I get lonely at night I go out and
how are you so capable of
It's over anakin, I have the

You underestimate
No, don't try
You were my
I hate

You skipped a part
you have to be so cold-hearted to
I can't get used to livin like
Sono chi
why do you only talk to me when you want
Omae wa
how long is that
Did you know that Ninja has
all you need to do in order to slay the dragon is to
All your base are belong
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