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i’m just a normal civilian this round, whoever had me didn’t win. i tried to select watcher for jaded
I originally had you
Everyone should have received their roles by now. If you have not, let me know.

Everyone knows exactly what role they are. There are no "silent" roles this game. Does this suitably implicate Dev and Eri, or am I missing something?

I would think there would have to be folks without roles given the nature of the draft.
Yeah it just means that Potato didn't win their draft for my role. So I'm just vanilla. Someone else got the role they tried to give me.
I thought that the roles could be gone if no one won their pick?
I guess what I was mostly focusing on was this line:
Devery said:
I got no results last night, so I am assuming I am a silent role/civ.

If Dev was a vanilla civilian, she would have known so at the beginning of the night, so she wouldn't have had to assume anything. So this whole statement just rings a little weird.
Civilian/mafia assignments went out after the first draft, though, or at least mine did? And then the second draft was for assigning roles. So you can get the message about civilian/mafia but not a message about whether you were assigned a role. I'd been thinking this was like the game where we didn't know our roles and had to figure them out, or have the person who drafted for us tell us if we had one. I think I may have misunderstood though.
Yeah I mean I understood what you both meant and figured there was just some confusion. To be fair if you got no notification of your role I could see being a little confused. I had to reread antys instructions a few times before everything sunk in.

I think it's a little nitpicky to jump on you both so fast but that's just me. Definitely worth addressing but I'm not positive it means anything. I'm more curious about jaded being so quick to point blame. I always feel like day 1 is really short on info, but the Mafia missing/skipping a kill gives us even less to go off of.
Yeah, that's me posting before getting a grasp of what game I'm actually playing.

Power roles, please feel free to give me a glimpse and confirm to the world I'm just a dumb sometimes.
Friendly reminder in case this comes up: Do not quote your role PM or any other PM from the GM.
From the the GM to the PM to the GM from the PM 🎶
Alright well I guess I don't know how that'll come up but now I know. I think it sounds like we don't have very many power roles regardless which is disappointing.
Just to clarify, does that mean we can't talk about roles at all this time? Or we just can't say the role directly quoted but we can discuss what it does?
So a wrap up of what people have revealed so far.

aprzn123 (they) - stated beck is not the tracker, presumably attempted tracker for someone else, says they have no role
beck (they) - no role, attempted to give jaded watcher.
BroncoBoy18 (he) - Fruit Vendor (confirmed by e-bag), attempted tracker for beck
Corporal Croissandwich (he)
Devery (she) - gave Bronco Fruit Vendor, says she has no role
e-bag (he) - won pick for aprzn, unknown if he won for role
eriophora (they) - no role
HugzFafad (he)
Iateap0tat0 (any) - has a role, role unknown, attempted to give eriophora a role
justabitjaded (they)
Mathmaniac125 (he) - says he has no role
TinmansGirl27 (she) - has a role, role unknown

Based on what we know here, there is definitely a tracker and a fruit vendor. There's also probably a protective role given the first night no-kill.
Just to clarify, does that mean we can't talk about roles at all this time? Or we just can't say the role directly quoted but we can discuss what it does?

You just can't directly quote the PM. You can make a claim about what role you have or whatever, just don't quote it. The reason for this rule is because people may be able to distinguish false quotes from real ones because of how I've formatted messages in the past, which makes it unnecessarily harder to lie about your role.

Eg: "If you're the Harlot, show me your role PM because I was Harlot last round and I know how Anty wrote the role description then." That sort of thing is what this rule attempts to avoid.
Thank you for the clarification! That makes a lot of sense.

Also, thanks for the breakdown, eri. That's really helpful. I think we are looking at max 4-5 power roles because some people could be understandably concerned about revealing anything.
The day ends with no lynching, which seems reasonable given that nobody has died. What a pleasant day.

Night Falls - Night 1

Mafia, you have 24 hours from the time of this post to decide who to kill.
beck is found slumped over a glass of scotch, alone in their office. On the table beside them is a magnifying glass, still wet with tears. Their beloved deerstalker hat is in the garbage by the desk. The cause of death is poison, the effects of which appear to have set in while they wept.

beck was a regular Civilian.

Day 2

You have 48 hours from the time of this message to decide who to lynch. A majority will require 6 players, as there are 11 players remaining.

HugzFafad, please ensure you post today to avoid modkilling.
I gave Tinny a grape at the last minute
I love grapes, thank you. Weirdly enough I dislike a lot of fruits so this is nice.
Here I will discuss important matters
You and no one else, apparently. I'm getting worried for our chances if we don't start discussions soon.
Less than 24 hours remain.
Is Licky playing?
Doesn't look like it.
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