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Actually thinking if we kill sya, and the prophecy of dev dying still comes true then we know it's neither of them!

Obviously joking as that's a pretty bad plan for town. I am the most suspicious of dev as well but it's not lost on me that is easier to be suspicious of those are talking more than those who aren't.
Naturally naturally.

I'll get things rolling though, and formally put in a vote for Dame Devery. It seems like the kind of thing she'd do~ and these smaller games do have to base our decision more on behavior than info-gathering.

If it's not Dev, I'm suspicious of Tinny for agreeing with me so quickly.


As the hour draws to a close, no one could get the guts to expose another aristocrat to the toxic gas. Instead, you all stood around awkwardly, attempting to read social cues from behind a layer of plastic. As annoying as it is that your personal butler was dead, you felt a pang of regret for accepting the invitation to this party. The food really wasn't your cup of tea, and the "activities" promised (whatever you call this gaseous mess) just didn't feel up to code. You desperately wanted to leave the building, so you went searching for an escape route that you may have missed.

It seems like everyone else had the same idea, because soon the ballroom was empty. When you looked back, everyone had disappeared into the wings of the hotel. As it turned out, another hallway was unlocked when Ant was killed, so a few of the others went to check it out. As you were jiggling random doorknobs, you suddenly hear a scream. You quickly dash to the source of the sound, but building layouts were never your strong suit. You find yourself lost in the building...

Guest List
  • ちょたの_chotano (she)
  • TinmansGirl27 (she)
  • e-bag (he)
  • justabitjaded (they)
  • Devery (she)
  • Sya (she)
  • Antagonist (any), A Regular Aristocrat

Anyone that has an action at the top of the hour, please DM me within the next 24 hours. Everyone should also DM me which wing you are currently in: North, West, East, or Central (you can choose any wing, but should not discuss your choice until you all group up). If you do not choose, you'll be randomly assigned a wing.
why is the most surprising thing to me on my return of this site the fact that mathy is still running a mafia game
Eh, only recently.

6:05 AM

You all run back to the ballroom, wondering where the scream emanated from. You could hear some ambient sound from the hall you were in, but nothing more. As you reached the ballroom, you realized that Devery was nowhere to be found. With dread coming over you, you remember that Dev went to the Central wing when you all split up. Rushing to the unlocked hall, you see a gruesome sight:

Dev's body was fully mutilated. Chunks of flesh were missing, seemingly ripped off. Her head was barely there, impossible to tell who she was (other than the fact that she disappeared on the group). It was hideous, and a few of your group turned away in shock. Clearly, the Killer wanted to do more than just kill everyone here. You tremble as you wonder what monster could do such a thing to another human being...

Guest List
  • ちょたの_chotano (she)
  • TinmansGirl27 (she)
  • e-bag (he)
  • justabitjaded (they)
  • Sya (she)
  • Antagonist (any), A Regular Aristocrat
  • Devery (she), An Unknown Soul

48 hours remain in the hour. With 5 alive players, a majority of 3 is needed to remove a player's mask and expose them to the toxic gas.

Chotano and e-bag must post today to avoid modkilling.
Ye gods, it wasn't Dev!

Alright, before this goes full-on Among Us, let's reason out a way to discuss what we saw or heard without the Killer getting their way. I'm thinking, first everyone say what you saw or heard, THEN we talk about where you went.
Oh no, there is new info to keep track of! I can't imagine how we could talk about location without giving it away.

I'm getting concerned with your prophecies, sya.
Ohno, my poor beautiful bodyyyyyyyy
I don't have any information. It was dead silent where I was.
It was silent where I was as well. I wonder if anyone saw anything in other wings.
Nothing in my wing too.

It's worth noting that it's quite important for Cho to post today, because I'm assuming we want to vote someone out today. If we're wrong on a vote though and Cho gets modkilled, then the Killer will win after they kill someone at night (assuming Cho isn't the Killer). But if Cho stays alive, then we have room to vote someone out, lose one at night (because we seem to have a cannibal, which can't double kill), and then have a final vote tomorrow.
Oh, wow. That's not good.
Despite Cho not having posted, she was online about 18 hours ago meaning she could conceivably be the killer, but any of us could with the information we currently have.

Sounds like no one was in the right place to witness the kill and we are tighter on time than I had anticipated. I'm between Cho and sya with the information we currently have. I feel like sya killing the people they joked about is either a genius or stupid move and I can't decide which. Cho could be silently banking on that suspicion and hoping we just off ourselves. Who knows.
I mean, I can't prevent your thought process, but I would go with Sya if I were you.
Well, crisis averted. That's good. So, Cho and Sya, what's the deal with the wings you were in?
among us in real life. (sus. sus.)
Didn't reply, was randomly chosen
This response makes me quite a bit less suspicious of you since something similar happened to me.
Mine was silent as well. I feel like it's possible that we may have had a quiet wing, regardless of if we chose the same wing.

In other words, I don't know of a way to pull anything of use out of this unless someone comes forward with something different.

We're deep enough into this hour that I feel it's time to discuss what wing we were in. I was in the West Wing.
I was in East.
I was in west as well and it was silent. This means that either sya is lying about location or is not scum.
Well, I went to East as well. So I guess silence doesn't necessarily mean alone.
Did anyone ask to go somewhere specific? Or did we all get placed?
I made an effort to go to the East wing.
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