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Congrats on surviving!
I have a bone to pick with you, Jaded.
Woohoo! I got a technical win! Although I don't think there was really anything I could have protected jaded from in the end.
I have a bone to pick with you, Jaded.

I'm a little sorry, but I legitimately rolled a die to pick my first kill, so I'm not very sorry. And if you'd like to pick a bone, I've still got a lovely selection of some of Dev's bones left for you to choose from.
Worst part was that I voted jaded first. I knew somewhere deep down.

So I had an antidote after the body check but there was no good way for me to build trust and save 3 of us without active discussion, it was rough.
Bah, I hate myself for not pulling the trigger and voting Jaded. I had a real strong feeling but I was just too paranoid that it might have been Tinny!
I believe this hotel has definitely seen better days, and that this plot line has reached its conclusion. If someone else wants to run the next game, that would be great. Schoolwork this past week hit like a truck, and I think it would be better if someone with more availability would run the game.

In terms of game mechanics, how was the additions to this game? Did they feel too helpful, not helpful enough; did it keep people without roles engaged, or was it extra fluff that wasn't necessary?
I think it was horrible. You didn't even mention me once.
Ah. I will rectify this egregious error in the next iteration of social deception that I will administrate on this website.
I think you did a great job, Mathy. I loved it, I just struggle when we have less engagement in the games lately. Really takes away from your awesome storytelling.
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