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Well specifically

W_Licky said:
There is no way all of you are watchers.

Emphasis mine. "Admitting" to not being a watcher is what led me to believe the Mafia weren't watchers to begin with, tbh. >.>
Yeah that's it. I hate looking things up.
Sorry for the inactivity this game; lots of things happened that just kept my attention away from twocans (at least for long enough that I didn't have time to figure out a strategy)
No problem, mate. Things happen.
I'll join next round, if we're doing signups yet.
I’ll also join.
There's no game yet.
The next game will be in Isaac's Werewolf thread.
I mentioned that it would be nice to play a game myself and Isaac kindly offered to run one.
Would anyone like a "Teddy bear"?
No idea. Even as the GM my mafia-brain tried to parse it for clues. Clearly this is a message implicating DemotivationalTed. Or whatever his username was.

he calls bombs those
They are a code name for a nuclear bomb
Sign-ups for Game 7 are open.

There are three possible games I'm considering running:

1. Pick Your Power (PYP) - the same thing Sya ran. The game starts with a secret draft pick of roles.
2. One Night Werewolf - there's only one night.
3. Vampire - this is a card game, so it may be strange on this medium, but the premise is that everybody gets certain cards and the vampires can turn other people into vampires. There are three nights. If, by the end of the third night, there are any humans left alive, the humans win.

When you sign up, vote for a game type and let me know your pronouns. If you don't provide pronouns, I'll use whatever we had last.
I'll sign up. I'm fine with any of the gamemodes.
I'm on board

Pronouns are idiot/stupid guy
"But in idiot's defense, stupidguy is kind of stupid"

Fits right in doesn't it?
Poodonkus, I'm assuming this is a sign-up. Speak now or be forever signed up.

Current sign-ups:

1. e-bag (he)
2. Samsung23 (he)
3. Sya (she)
4. aprzn123 (they)
5. beck (she/they)
6. BroncoBoy18 (he)
7. Sri Lankan Devil Bird (he)
8. eriophora (they)

PYP - 1
One Night - 0
Vampire - 4
I'm not in. Sorry.

Mocking pronouns is the type of thing that makes me butt in and be like "hey now"
Sorry, He/Him
Ah. I had assumed he was being self-denigrating. Poodonkus - why not try it out?
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