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So what was the Mystery Role?

Nobody chose it.
aprzn123 said:
I think it's that jailing the Neigborizer's target has no effect, but jailing the Neighborizer themself blocks it.

What would have been the mystery role?
I'm real sad about my jailings; two nights in a row I jailed someone only for them to die the next day. At least I saved one person, giving Sya an extra day of investigation.
Don't give away mystery role, Anty.
Agreed. The Mystery role should remain a mystery.
Don't give away mystery role, Anty.

Please. It's me.
I almost went for the Mystery Role but I figured that I had no chance of getting it. I'm supremely curious what it would have been.
I feel it's counterintuitive with PYP; people assume a certain role would be high demand and strategically avoid it, but as a result, the less desirable roles are more popular. I suppose that's what makes PYP so fun!
That was exactly my mindset for picking Jailkeep, because I thought that I would die early. I might be taking away the protective role, but that means someone else would get investigative powers and I might have a chance at protecting someone.

What was everyone else's roles by the end?
I've updated the player list with everyone's roles.

What would y'all say to another PYP?
I'd be up for it!
I need to remember to make a dead people QT.
I'd be down for another PYP.
i'd be down

what does qt mean
I'm up for it!
same here
Current sign-ups:
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i'd be down

what does qt mean

QuickTopic. Unfortunately, it seems as if the site will disable messages being sent in about a week.

Any alternatives?
I can join in for the next round
Lol. I reckon I'm in then.
I'm in! And yeah, QT is going to go down super soon.
I'm in. Maybe I can try to host some sort of basic QT alternative? (also, anyone have something I can host it on? My Pi is out of commission for a separate project)
Awh man I had a personal server for like ages, but I've lost the deets for it.

Basically, I payed for a server for a year, and then cancelled the recurring payment. Turns out they'd never removed my access or anything I stored there when the subscription was done, and for years I could still log in and use it. But yeah, what do you need? If you want to make it and manage it I could get a little server space.
I imagine there are alternatives in existence.
I'm anticipating beginning some time tomorrow.
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