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So half of us alive. Nice.
It's a very vanilla town, that's for sure.
Given how many people went for the mystery role, I'm a little worried about continuing to abstain from lynching for much longer. So far, no one seems to have been able to gather any information.

I'm okay with waiting one more night in case someone did snag role cop or another investigative role to get another look in, but I think this is going to end up a personality game as opposed to a role strategy game, if you will.
A main concern I have is that many people have revealed themselves as vanilla, and as such, those who have yet to say anything are probably more vulnerable tonight.

I'm okay with abstaining today as we are not in LyLo and there's still a lack of information. As eri stated, we should be open to odd changes in behaviour as a source of evidence.
I'd rather see some chaos and watch the world burn.

Lynch Bird
I'm really not convinced Bird is mafia. Though I respect the chaos.

Abstain. But tomorrow we really need to lynch.
I don't think I suspect anyone enough yet to justify a lynch.

For what it's worth, I can verify that there is indeed a fruit vendor in this game. I received an osange orange last night, which is weirdly specific enough for it to be Bird. Also, nobody else has counter-claimed Fruit Vendor so I see no reason to disbelieve Bird.

I don't have a clue what to make of this kiwi situation though. I suspect the kill was due to a one-shot Redirector. It can't be the 1-shot PGO because they would've died as well, unless they were doctored. In either case, this whole note business doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

I've not ever seen Mathy so trigger happy, and I doubt there's harm in this today, so vote Mathy.
Current votes:

e-bag - Abstain
eriophora - Abstain
lateap0tat0 - Abstain
MathManiac125 - Sri Lankan Devil Bird
Sri Lankan Devil Bird
Sya - MathManiac125
I got mystery role. It's fruit vender w a secret bit. I was told I could give a kiwi once to anyone and it would do something. So I naturally gave Titan a Kiwi on night 0.

That's a little strange, Sya. According to Bird, he could only send a fruit once. Unless I'm misreading the semantics here?
I could only send the kiwi once. Though I do wish Sya had kept what I sent to herself.
The day ends, with no majority reached.

Night Falls - Night 2

Mafia, you have 24 hours from the time of this post to decide who to kill.
Swaying gently in the breeze from an old oak tree hangs the body of e-bag, suspended from the tree by the rope around his neck.
From the Mafia:
A half-peeled fruit hangs
Ripe, golden, flushed with brief life
Rip'd from the frail stem

e-bag was the Role Cop (Civilian).

Day 3

You have 48 hours from the time of this message to decide who to lynch. A majority will require 4 players, as there are 7 players remaining.
That can't be good
This is definitely the opposite of good. Some may even call it bad.
Well shit. I guess time to go back through e-bag's comments and see if they left any hints, but that's a pretty big blow.
I'd like a clarification. Every death so far we've learned about the alignment of the one who died. I'm assuming Ebag is a townie, but with what happened with Titan, it's no longer out of the question for him to show differently. Are we allowed that knowledge, or is the body not marked with alignment this time?
That was unintentional. I have fixed it.
We have also reached the point where we should start lynching, as we're standing at 5v2. If we don't lynch today, tomorrow will be stuck in MyLo and the day after becomes LyLo, assuming mafia doesn't have roles that can get extra kills in.

With that in mind, I'd like to ask the first three people that responded in the forum why they didn't question the alignment of the deceased? We just had a mishap yesterday about alignment, yet it didn't seem to cross anyone else's mind that the dead's alignment could have been altered as well?
Personally, I just didn't notice it, to be quite honest. I'm responding from mobile right now and wasn't paying close attention. I was more focused on having lost one of the two possible cop roles.
Wholeheartedly agree on starting lynching today.

As for the missing alignment, I didn't notice anything was amiss until you pointed it out, Mathy. I guess I figured that if anything out of the ordinary was going on, Anty would have told us, and in the absence of anything special, I defaulted to assuming e-bag was town.
Yeah, I was town.
I think we need to consider lynching Math.
Maybe Eri
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