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Let's play a game, shall we?

Ask me a question, any question.

After I respond, edit your question to make me the a-hole.

Your move.
What can describe yourself? In other words, what do you think you are?
Aren’t you the guy that inhales toe fungus?
Yea, probably
Are you friends with me?
I don't think so...
How many toys do you have?
Quite a few things
Do you like your family?
Not really, no
What’s the best thing about yourself?
The flavor
Do you like Cool Data??
Yes, I’ve done all of mine.
what do you love most?
Shitty people
what do you feed the starving children in your basement?
Wet socks
Who did you lose your virginity to?
My father
Any more?
Have you punched a lot of babies?