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Haha, Titanlord. Beat you there.

So you know how this works. Each person will get a turn. You can skip or pass a turn. I’m also impatient, so I’ll force it on you if you are inactive.

The drawer posts an avatar from drawings. They can choose the word. It cannot be too hard. They can give hints in the form of words. I’ll end the timer when I feel like nobody else can get it. The first person to get it gets a point, if the drawer posts that the answer is correct.

Also if somebody wants to post the number of guesses each person gets correct, go do it. I’m not bogging myself down with that responsibility.

Want to sign up? You can sign out if you do t want to play. And sign back in when you want to.

Emoji represents that it’s that person’s turn.

Signed up:
Want to sign up?
ill join but how do we choose the prompts
Drawer chooses it themself
Erase you down
Un opposite night
Let me in.


To clarify, this is just Pictionary, but drawer picks the word?
Yes. I made a similar one before but it was faulty and now dead. Yes.
I suppose this sounds fun. Count me in.

definitely not on steroids
Samsung are you in?
Titanlord237, post your pixel drawing.
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