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TCaS Republic

You may join the game whenever you want; just stay active/inactive with a good reason or I'll delete the nation. Deleted nations can come back if you promise to be active.
I am your deity. I will determine outcomes. But of course, everyone gets a nation slot and will become empires through whatever means possible: diplomacy, purchases, agreements, and WAR. You guys can trade and whatever. And argue and fight, of course. Conquering new lands means rewards, a Pandora's Box. That's important. It can be good or bad. Usually, conquering new lands gives better results than the random boxes that pop up from nowhere. Choose a land slot from the map. Another thing, one nation per person. Alt accounts automatically are associated with the main account.

You can take someone's capital city

you can always change where you want your capital city.

If you have an embassy in another country, it will be a dot of your country's color and you will get commerce and stuff from it.

Revolt is possible if happiness is low.
You can make your own flag. Use the drawing editor because that's easiest and make a flag for your nation. You can change it as I wish. Here is an example. This is the world flag.


Refer to this post for rules, help, and stats!

NOTE: I may be inactive but usually not for long periods of time. Usually on Saturday's, I will be out. Posts are mostly diplomacy and stuff. Outcomes of wars and certain things will be determined by me in one post.

There are also new elements.
Capital City:
Choose one when making your nation. Can be changed.
Money: Yes, money. You'll have to earn it. Money upgrades everything. Every nation starts with 1 million Lucres.
Happiness: The happiness of your people. Is affected by your wars, commerce, and agriculture. If it is low, revolt may occur.
Army: Raising an army is important. The larger your standing army, the better chances you have in war. No set price. Beg for help from allies or me. I'll set the price. It is currently 50 Lucres per soldier.
Navy: Same thing as the army. The larger your standing navy, the better chances you have in naval combat. No set price. Beg from allies. I'll set the price. Now 100,000 Lucres, 10 AP, and 5 RP each. Is only used for transport.
Military Supplies: Measured in percentage. You need these for your military to work. I'll set the price. Currently set at 1 RP to boost by 5%. Boosting less than 5% and reaching 100% gives you less than 5% and no change. No decimal RPs.
Research: Measured in research points. You need money for this. Can get from war.
Agriculture: This is food. Nourish your people. Costs money. Measured in AP. 500 Lucres per AP. Can be consumed and decrease.
Pandora's Box: Comes randomly as I wish. Whoever calls dibs on it or pays the most for it will get it. May be bad or good stuff. Who knows?
Nuclear Weapons: Measured in missiles. Costs massive money and research points. Causes massive damage to commerce, military supply efficiency, and other things. One nuke is 400,000 Lucres and 20 RP.
Commerce: Commerce points. The more, the more Lucres and RP you earn. Depends on possessions of land and other factors.
Air Force: Planes that can bomb other nations. The current cost is 5 RP per bombing plane.
Projects: National Projects. See below.

On the question of a resources feature

National Projects

Nations and Their Stats

Trade Offers

Google Drawings Map Link
If you can't view it, use another account or device. You can get someone on here to give you screenshots of it as well.

Alrighty, that should be it! Have fun, be competitive, but be nice.
Also please please please keep this thread active. I'm preparing to pour effort on here.
I'll take this

My country is called Morioh
Done. Your stats are up.
National Projects
LRC - Laboratory Research Center - 5,000,000 Lucres, 200 AP,
Want to get a few extra research points? With this, you will gain RP, separate from commerce boosts or war booty.
EFP - Experimental Farm Project - 8,000,000 Lucres, 50 AP, 15 RP
Starving? With this, you will gain more AP and people will consume less.
WTF - Weapons Training Facility - 15,000,000 Lucres, 250 AP, 40 RP
Better military supply effectiveness. With this, you will increase the limit of military supply effectiveness to 200%.
NSP - Nuclear Shield Protection - 30,000,000 Lucres, 1,000 AP, 100 RP
Decrease damage done to your nation from nuclear missile launches.
MPA - Militaristic Propaganda Agency - 20,000,000 Lucres, 2,000 AP, 200 CP, 50 RP
Reduces the current cost of enlisting soldiers for your nation by half.
SEA - Space Exploration Agency - 50,000,000 Lucres, 2,000 AP, 500 CP, 200 RP
For the rich and developed. Will also boost happiness and research points by even more.
CEP - Clean Environment Project - 15,000,000 Lucres, 1,000 AP, 50 RP
Improves living conditions for humans and nature. Boosts happiness and agriculture.
SEP - Space Elevator Project - 30,000,000 Lucres, 2,000 AP, 1,000 CP, 300 RP, Have bought SEA
Must have the SEA to obtain. Will increase happiness, RP, and CP.
SCI - Sustainable Cities Initiative - 8,000,000 Lucres, 3,000 AP, 1,000 CP, 100 RP, Have bought CEP
Must have the CEP to obtain. Improves happiness, AP, CP, and RP.
DGA - Domestic Garrison Act - 5,000,000 Lucres, 500 AP, 100 CP, 50 RP.
Places garrisons in your lands to lessen the chances of successful revolt. Will be done at the cost of happiness.

More to come!
Wait, that's not what I claimed, I claimed that land mass to the north of that
Just putting this here.

Nations and Their Stats

Realm of the Gods - W_Licky
Capital City: The Clouds

Money: ∞ Lucres
Happiness: ∞ %
Army: ∞ soldiers
Navy: ∞ ships
Military Supplies: ∞ % effectiveness
Research Points: ∞ RP
Agriculture: ∞ AP
Nuclear Weapons: ∞ missiles
Commerce: ∞ CP
Air Force: ∞ planes
Projects: N/A

Town of Morioh-Cho - BroncoBoy18
Capital City: Morioh-Cho

Money: 101,257,979 Lucres
Happiness: 82%
Army: 49,740 soldiers
Navy: 6 ships
Military Supplies: 100% effectiveness
Research Points: 48 RP
Agriculture: 4,614 AP
Nuclear Weapons: 2 missiles
Commerce: 2,563 CP
Air Force: 0 planes
Projects: N/A

Banana Republic - e-bag
Capital City: Bushlea

Money: 292,534,937 Lucres
Happiness: 93%
Army: 97,460 soldiers
Navy: 30 ships
Military Supplies: 200% effectiveness (out of 200%)
Research Points: 16 RP
Agriculture: 5,502 AP
Nuclear Weapons: 9 missiles
Commerce: 9,011 CP
Air Force: 1 plane
Projects: WTF, LRC, EFP, NSP

Free City of Friendship - Poodonkus913
Capital City: Free City of Friendship

Money: 144,203,959 Lucres
Happiness: 100%
Army: 0 soldiers
Navy: 12 ships
Military Supplies: 0% effectiveness
Research Points: 18 RP
Agriculture: 1,849 AP
Nuclear Weapons: 0 missiles
Commerce: 2,920 CP
Air Force: 1 plane
Projects: LRC, CEP, SCI

Gallervindicous - ackyyackyattack
Capital City: Kürbisundstahl

Money: 82,721,249 Lucres
Happiness: 85%
Army: 50,000 soldiers
Navy: 10 ships
Military Supplies: 42% effectiveness
Research Points: 81 RP
Agriculture: 4,931 AP
Nuclear Weapons: 0 missiles
Commerce: 6,948 CP
Air Force: 0 planes
Projects: LRC, EFP

Trettenlys - MuckaBluckisnotaDuck
Capital City: Górskie Miasto

Money: 12,087,929 Lucres
Happiness: 79%
Army: 5,000 soldiers
Navy: 0 ships
Military Supplies: 0% effectiveness
Research Points: 0 RP
Agriculture: 54 AP
Nuclear Weapons: 0 missiles
Commerce: 1,502 CP
Air Force: 0 planes
Projects: N/A

Blankna - AndromedaFallen
Capital City: Nowhere, Oklahoma

Money: 5,370,000 Lucres
Happiness: 88%
Army: 1,500 soldiers
Navy: 1 ship
Military Supplies: 0% effectiveness
Research Points: 6 RP
Agriculture: 890 AP
Nuclear Weapons: 0 missiles
Commerce: 2,514 CP
Air Force: 0 planes
Projects: LRC
Wait, that's not what I claimed, I claimed that land mass to the north of that

A small part. Be more specific. Has to be about the size of that one currently on the map.
Okay, thats fine by me
Aight, so if I'm correct, I'll claim land for the PAM Empire.
Alright I’m usually unavailable on Saturdays but I’ll put in Pam empire tomorrow. Roughly where do you want it?
Alright. Bronco and CT, choose a place for your capital.
Where it was originally
Edit: Putting this here.

Trade Offers

Poodonkus913 of Friendship:
As long as the trade is fair and peaceful I would be glad to distribute culinary delicacies to anyone who'd like it. I name my price at 15L per cake, and this should be sufficient to satisfy err... 10 soldiers each, give or take

e-bag of Banana Republic:
Anyways, 15 Lucres for 30 bananas. 2 bananas is enough for 1 person, probably.
I need more people to make their nations if anybody wants to start getting big.
Can my country be on that little island in the top left corner?
Ok. Not all of it. But it's easy to take over.

Three nations and their stats are done. I'll put CT where ever I want.

Pandora's Box


First dibs gets it.
BroncoBoy18 gets...

5,000 soldiers
5 ships
50% military supply capacity
200 infra
20 Agriculture
1 research point

Alright so now I'm going to give everyone the stat benefits from the land they sit on. Bronco got the pandora's box full of good stuff so he's got a head start.

Who wants to expand?
I'll try to take the rest of my island. Bombard the coastal cities with my ships, attack the inland places with troops.
Using your full miltary?
Could you move my empire to the middle of the 3 islands on the left?
I'll have to change your stats. You'll actually have a navy. Ok. Just a moment.
Thanks, after you do that, I would like to sign a peace treaty/war pact with the Banana Republic.
Non-agression pact?
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