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W_Licky said:
Using your full miltary?

3 ships, 3,000 soldiers.
Canceled, unless it's too late.

Also, yes, treaty sounds good.
Can I get in on that?
Can I get in on that?

I dunno, can you?
W_Licky said:
Non-agression pact?

Yeah, like an alliance.
Can I get in on that?

I dunno, can you?

I guess?

W_Licky said:

Screw you god!
Me and E-Bag will think about it.
Can I have a tiny area of land to have a pacifist utopia?

And if so, some of y'all are gonna have to agree not to take my nice things by force. And if one of you get into that monkey business, fight each other over it, not me.
Name of your nation?

I'll just pick that little spot.
Hmm. How about... Friendship? Symbolic enough and not too pretentious IMO. Oh, and I get a coast FTW :D
I'm invading Friendship with 1,000 soldiers.
Well fuck.
Alright I'll put this stuff down later.
Bronco, help a brotha out pls :(
Best I can suggest is you move your country closer to Morioh, maybe not on any watery areas since CT has a navy
I didn't pick where it was. I just got assaulted by a breakfast entree upon day 1 of existing
Licky, could you move Friendship a bit closer to Morioh? If its okay with Poodonkus of course
No dont.
Easy for you to say, cinna-mister. I'm pals with Bronco now. Pound sand >:(

note: this is not actual anger
I can see your nation isn't built on education, you monosyllabic tyrant
Mine is built on land
Mine is built on land

Smart. Smart indeed.
See, Bronco tells it as it is, with an eye for even-handed justice.
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