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Do I hear any interesting gossip on the trolley once we get in?
2-die INT
Krack too easily is pressured by peers.
Automatic pass.
+1 xp

You hear the usually murmurings of vacationers, talking about museums to visit and activities to do. A few conversations are about the thousands of credits lost to the casinos; however, one conversation catches your ears.

"...a mansion with nobody in it?"
"Yeah, it's weird. Owner is a real recluse type, doesn't let anyone in, even though he never visits."
"You're kidding."
"Nah. Apparently, we're the first to even be allowed to look at it in the past few months, much less go inside."
"Wow. Rich weirdos, huh? If they're that worried, why you?"
"Apparently even the most paranoid still need their water checked. It's good work, pays well. Only hard part is I gotta keep the key on my person at all times."
"Even in the shower?"
"Even in the shower"

Man, somehow even with flipping trolleys and jumping out of windows, this group is less chaotic than my in-person Komdak group. They're currently fighting off a trans-dimensional invasion from the French (which they inadvertently caused on accident)
I guess we just... keep riding the trolley, and follow them when they get off?
The trolley stops and rings its bell, and she seemingly gets off at a local nightclub
Hell yeah. Let's go clubbing.
Krack grabs her hammer and looks at Gek expectantly.
"Not that kind. Partying."
Krack smiles.
As you exit the streetcar, a large warehouse looms before you. Well, a former warehouse. Well, a faux-former warehouse (The gentrification/urban hipster style gained popularity a decade or so prior). A large banner hangs across the top windows, declaring itself Dawn's Edge. A long line of people snake around a queue to the entrance, with a giant bouncer at the front, looking over a list of attendees and reservations.

The worker you are following walks up to the front door, sets down her toolbox, flashes the ID to the bouncer, and walks in unobstructed.
She leaves her toolbox outside?
Krack points at bouncer then herself then gyrates her hips and looks at Gek for approval.
She leaves her toolbox outside?

No, she brought it with. I just neglected to mention that.
Gek nods at Krack.
Krack attempts to seduce the bouncer

Two-die Persuasion check
You have literally 0 persuade. 4 die charisma check.
God. Make up your mind.

Check Failed!

Krack walks up to the bouncer and attempts to strike a seductive face and pose. However, her lack of any real people skills or dexterity leads her to instead make a face that looks like a mixture of constipation, anger, and mania. This combined with the interminable gyration of her hips, leads the bouncer to confusedly step back and gesture away from the building.

"Uhh," he says, "I think the world championships for Death-Hula are on the other side of town. You're at the wrong place, miss."
Krack stands up and goes back to the group and tries to hide from bouncer.
How many people are in line?
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