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I'll try to fix it, rolled a 6
...I didn't set the dice target, but it was going to be two. How many did you roll?
One, after rolling a second one the new total is 11
Failed. You can still attempt it as a four-dice INT check.
Sure. I'll try it, after chugging my Brilliance elixir.

11. Pass.
Sure. I'll try it, after chugging my Brilliance elixir.

11. Pass.

It doesn't work that way. Only the person who failed the check can attempt the flush. Keep the elixir.
Can I use the elixir
No. Flushes happen immediately after the failed check, so there is no intervention.
Oh, I see. My apologies.

Waiting on a 4-die INT roll from Yasu, for Hunter to shoot the door, or for Krack to throw herself at the door.
Check Passed!

Yasu gains +1 XP

By the skin of her teeth, Yasu barely manages to re-align the mechanism for the lock, although it is now extremely fragile.
Krack smashes the door.
Yasu: "Hey, guys, look! I fixed the lock!"
Krack: "No."
Krack smashes the door.

2-die Force check.
Dice Good!

Krack get 1XP

As Yasu puts the finishing touches on the lock, she hears a holler behind her before a ballistic projectile roughly in the shape of a giant goes screaming into her. Barely dodging out of the way, she watches as the door splinters into fragments, a giant-shaped hole in the door.

As Krack picks herself up off the floor inside, she gets up and notices perhaps five or six people dressed in white clothes and surgical masks. Between them is an elf, strapped to the table and apparently cut open, with the people apparently in the middle of dissecting them. One of them drops a kidney in surprise.
I grab the Kidney
"What in the hell?"
Well, that was unexpected.
I grab the Kidney

To the confusion of everyone, you lunge to the ground and snatch the kidney before it lands.

You gained The Lush Kidney!

Ranged Weapon: The Lush Kidney
Years of alcohol and drug abuse has calcified this into a hardened mass. Why do you have this?
Deals 1d4 Damage when thrown.

e-bag said:
"What in the hell?"

The "doctors" look at each other before slowly and quietly slinking away into what appears to be a broom closet. You hear shushing inside, although it is mostly covered by the sound of pulsating dance music coming from the club through the doors ahead of you.
So, uh, how good people are we, folks?
Kylljoy said:

You gained The Lush Kidney!

Krack looks longingly at the kidney.
I raise the kidney towards the sky
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