ForumForum Games ► Let It Die: A social experiment.
Based on Kebab's "Keep It Alive" thread.

The rules are simple: Let this thread die. Do not post in it, under any circumstances.

Basically, the opposite of the Button, Bump, all those threads.

Mods, you can sandbox if you wish.

Round #1 Final Stats

Round #2
When does it start?
You did not just...
That's it folks! It's dead.

Final time: 0.472 days.
Tsk tsk, Samsung.
Ok starting now
Alright, when the original post reaches 0.5 days, we'll restart.
Currently it's at 0.491 days.
I know.
Guys you broke it

Game #2 has begun. Rules are still the same. No posting.
Don't tell me what to do.
Game #2 has ended. Final time: 0.25 days.
Game #3 has begun. Same rules. Let's try and reach one day this time.
Nice button you got there, would be a shame if someone pushed it
Game #3 has ended. The button lasted 0.15 days.

Game #4 shall now begin.

Edit: Thank ya Bronco for starting it off again.
When does it start
Game #4 has ended the button lasted 0.029 days

Game #5 begins now
Eh... being alive is better.
Game #5 is over the button lasted 0.430 days

Game #6 begins now!
Game #6 is over, the button lasted 0.001 days

Game #7 begins now
Game #6 is over The button lasted 0.001 days

Game #7 begins now.

Edit: I've been ninja'd.
That's still a post.

Game 7 has ended. The button lasted 0.001 days. (It's switching between zero and that number so I think something more like 0.0005 days)

Game 8 has begun now.
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