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*crashes in through ceiling*

Round 50 starts.
*sends you through the floor*
*stays in floor*
Round 50 has ended. The button lasted 0.003 seconds.

Round 51 starts now.
*Forces you offstage and edge-guards you with side special as Jigglypuff*
*plays villager and recovers easily*

Round 52 starts now.
*uses sing into rest*
*doesn't play smash*

Can't lose a game you don't play amirite?
*from the depths of hell*
Round 52 has ended. The button lasted 0.001 days.

Round 53 starts now.
*slap*Keep my alt's name out your mouth
no u
well it definitely died
*Falls through the ceiling*

And you decided to revive it?
yeah woooooooooo
Fine then.

Round 54 begins.
Round 54 had ended. The button lasted 0 days (Off to a great start, aren't we).

Round 55 begins.
ooga booga
Indeed. The button lasted 0 days.

Round 56. Begin.

Round 57 begins.
kurger bing
But... No. (0 days... again)

Round 58 begins.
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