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i like popeyes biscuits
biscuits n gravy!!!!!!! the only heating in my house comes from the woodstove that we cant get to light!!!!!!!!!!!!
bug said:
grilling my hambugers and hot dogs on the grill!!!!!!!!!! crack open that can of bud light and eat some potater salad in my backyard!!!! i live in the suburbs!!!!!!!! i love fourwheelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy, y'all. M' name's John. I love m' family ve'y much. M' wife is sweet and I gots three good ol' kids o' mine. Me and m' fam'ly love sit'n out in t' grill and grill'n some fine n' dandy ol' burgers.
i love freedom! i love 'merica! i love bald eagles! i love capitalism! i love red white and blue! i love
Umm... that got outta hand.

Oh well.
Round 60 will begin.
Round 60 will end.
I suppose it will now, won't it
round 61 starts now
I refuse to let that happen
Probot is the savior of this thread which i definitely do not still think is useless and only they may start the engies.
Round 61 has ended. The button lasted 0.197 days.

Round 62 has begun.
Round 62 has ended, the button lasted 0.008 days.

Round 63 has begun.

I guess this a weirdly satisfying way to end the thread, at least for me. I'm about to (most likely) be gone from TCaS for a while, if not forever. So this thread finally dying right before I leave kinda fits.
Congrats, you made it more than a day. But, by commenting on it, you have therefore voided it.

Round 64 begins.
and it ends now
See! Not dead. Only lasted 0 days.

Round 65 will begin.
and it ended again
Still 0 days...

Round 66 begins... Wait... NO!... IT CAN'T BE!
I thought the thread was dead if nobody posted on it for a day after a round started. Am I wrong?
Initially, yes, when it was still a "game". It's very difficult to enforce anything, though, so in reality it'll be "dead" when this thread is locked for one reason or another, or some other reason that prevents anyone from posting for an extended period of time.

Round 67 begins.
Round 67 has ended. The button lasted 0.001 days.

Round 68 begins.
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