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Round 74 is over, the button lasted 0.120 days

Round 75 starts now
whr dd y fnd vwls
congratulations. you have killed the button technically even before it lived again
nd shll d t gn
n, bd
lk nw yv stln m vwls. cngrtltns
t ws nvtbl
Round 75 is over, the button lasted 0.000 days

Round 76 starts now
I gave back the vowels
e-bag said:
Initially, yes, when it was still a "game". It's very difficult to enforce anything, though, so in reality it'll be "dead" when this thread is locked for one reason or another, or some other reason that prevents anyone from posting for an extended period of time.

let it die (or: a thread full of resuscitators)
I log on every day and see nothing. I take a 3-day break and when I come back this thread is full? Wow, my timing can NOT be worse.
it died again, but I'm bringing it back to life
Round 76 is over. The button lasted 0.096 days.

In a heavily ironic twist of fate, I have started round 77.
Heavily ironic?
It has been 18.864 days. can i press the button?
no. but I guess it's a bit too late anyways
Sorry bud I think I got to it before you

Also I licked it so don't even try to press it
ew. what did it taste like?
Like ween

My thoughts exactly
button pressed
C'mon guys I can't keep my finger on the button much longer I have to pee
you can go, I'll press it for you
Thank you kind sir

or ma'am
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