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This idea is very half-baked, so it may go up in a puff of smoke

We're all varying levels of socially inept, why not share our collective knowledge on obscure manners so we can all avoid an embarrassing faux-pas? Someone simply brings up a topic, and someone else "educates" them on the proper code of conduct.

User A

User B
It is rude to consume oxygen without first asking if anyone else was using it.

Going to the movies

User C
A true gentleman always asks the box office attendant what movie they want you to see


User D
You must apologize to the concrete after every step, lest you seem insensitive for battering it.

Internet Arguments

etc, etc

Make sense? I'll start:

Getting dressed.
You must make your own clothes from naturally-sourced materials, and must ask permission from Mother Nature to use said materials first.

Opening doors.
You must hold the door open for others. Forever.

Buying food.
You must ask your money if it is OK to use it in such a location.

dont sleep. just dont sleep. never sleep. never fall asleep.
Make sure that if you fall asleep in front of someone, you know they're willing to stay there the whole time so you don't wake up and not see the same people there. Because it's tremendously rude to ask where someone went.

How do I use an escalator?

Apologize profusely, considering the Earth's gravitational field did so much work to bring you down a floor, which you are now undoing.

Cooking meat
Make sure it stays in it's proper cooking temperature, but never too high

make sure to wear your finest 1630s British attire and use one of those binoculars with a pole attached to it to help you see better

You'd dare desecrate such delicate parchment with your scribbles?

Petting someone's dog
It is impolite if you do not give each and every hair equal attention.

Changing a lightbulb.
How dare you ever even think about such a thing! That light gave it's life to be in that socket, so in that socket it shall stay. I presume you'll just have to buy a whole new light fixture, as not to disturb the old light's final resting place.

Ordering food.
If it shall be during class, make sure you do it before the period you want it towards the start of the before period, as it shall arrive by that time
No seriously, one of my friends ordered donuts from a place ~10 minutes away from the school during second period, and they didn't get there till lunch

Doing homework
It is important to ask the paper what you write on it, remember, tatoos are permanent

Playing lukewarm
Dodge the initial shots fired at you, press E in the direction of an enemy, this will cause the enemy to drop their gun. Do the same thing on another enemy, then kill the two you disarmed, or have the other two shoot them, repeat. Notes, if a bullet hits the gun, it despawns, enemies can pick up ground guns

Playing Sentient Sandwich
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