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Maybe a game idea?

Say a sentence in another language. The next person will try to guess what you said, and provide a sentence of their own. Please refrain from using any translator while guessing, but using one to make your sentence is fine. You can make it easier, with languages like Spanish, French, and German, or difficult with languages like Russian and Japanese.


Post 1 - Hallo, wie geht's dir?

Post 2 - Hello, where to get dirt?

And so on.

Hola, me nombre es e-bag. Que es tu nombre?
Hello, my name is e-bag. What is your name?

Kichi no subete no kōkū-hō ni yoru to
We have no subtitles for this film either.


Ho 5 carote nel culo.
There are 5 carrots in the kitchen.

Zwischen zwei Zwetschgenzweigen sitzen zwei zwitschernde Schwalben.
Switching with sweater-sagon, sitting with swishing shoals.

Ew gelek peyvên bi tîpa Z bû.
Ew, Greek Pelvis by The Boyz

Rwy'n araf yn mynd yn wallgof oherwydd y cnau hyn
Ryan afro, you mind you gallop otherworld and can hide.

Asụsụ nzuzu.
Sussy baka.


Vine un moment pentru fiecare om să navigheze pe mările de brânză.
In a moment, Pingu forces on, navigate to Marly of Brand

Dziecka już z nami nie ma.
Ducks use a name, not mine.

Un, ja man būtu mani drūteri, es skrūves ka šimpanze, sauc to, bezjēdzīgi. (Bezjēdzīgi...)
Yeah, some guy bought a charcuterie board, a scrupulous chimpanzee, and sauce too, allegedly. (Allegedly…)

Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor.
Scolding, buzzing, icky doors.

Tengo el herpes, en el pene, a veces pica y arde, voy a comerme unos gusanos...
I have the herpes, in my pen, and also pictures and art, go to commence one gus sons.

Is fìor thoil leam diofar sheòrsaichean de thrèanaichean.
It's for Thor Lean, who wants Szechuan Sauce for Mr. Clean.

ICH LIEBE LEAN!!!! Es ist Zeit für Morbin.
I LOVE LEAN! It is time for Morbin'.

Duits is makliker om die betekenis na af te lei as sommige ander tale.
Duke is my killer oh die betty telekinesis and the Lei as Undertale omage

Chun sicín a chócaráil go hiomlán trí slapán, theastódh sé trí mhíle is tríocha is ceithre slap nó slap sé mhíle ciliméadar san uair chun é a chócaráil i gceann amháin.
She slices three chocolate glazed slaps, therefore in three miles is three mochas is center slap, no slap me while my calendar sits under a chocolate I glazed before.

On lugusid naudingust, on lugusid valust, aga jumalad piinavad mind, tahvlitega vihma.
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