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Hey Forum Gamers! It's Tinny here with a new round of Mafia, but in Space. It's actually pretty close to standard mafia, but it's all themed and stuff. I wanted to make it approachable for everyone who might play. Maybe over time we will make it a little more complicated, but for now here's the rules flavored for this game. I'll update them as needed for any coming after it.

The game will work using a slightly updated version of the Antagonist/Wildface rules:

The Goal

There are two sides to this game: the Other (Scum/Mafia) and the crew (townies). For the Other, the goal is to outnumber the crew, which will prevent them from winning. For the crew, the goal is to eliminate all of the Other.

The Gameplay

If you would like to know how Mafia works, this guide will give you a good overview of the game. If you still don't understand everything, that's expected. Joining a game is the best way to learn how to play. I am happy to help however I can with new players, so just PM me if you have questions.


Game Timeline
  • Days will be 48 hours.
  • Nights will be 24 hours.

Honesty and Cheating
  • In all interactions with the GM, you must be honest.
  • Do not contact any player in or outside of the game about the game.
  • Do nothing that would be considered cheating.
  • Do not quote your role PM or any other PM from the GM.
  • Do not use invisible (white) text. Or you will be airvac'd

  • If a player does not post at least once per (Day) Phase, they will be notified by PM. If this happens again, he/she will be replaced or Modkilled.
  • If you are going to be absent for a specific period of time, please let me know ahead of time!

Votes and Lynching
  • Every Day Phase, every player may vote for any other player that they want thrown out of the ship via air-vac (aka lynched).
  • Votes can be changed as many times as you wish until a majority is reached. At that point, the votes are locked into place.
  • All votes must be bolded or otherwise obvious to the GM. If I have to guess if it is a vote or not, it won't be counted and you won't be notified. Check the current vote count if you aren't sure if it has been counted.
  • You may vote for a No Lynch. If a majority of No Lynches are received, the Day will end with no lynch.
  • If there is no majority vote by Deadline, there will be no lynch.
  • Once you are dead, you may not post. Period.

  • Harassment of an individual player is NOT permitted. It is the nature of the game that players will be antagonistic toward each other at times. However, it should always be kept in the spirit of a game. That is, attack the case, not the person.
  • Always play to your win condition.
  • Do not discuss this game anywhere else with anyone else unless your role allows you to.

  • The GM will post all important information in this color. Do not use this color or impersonate the GM.
  • Once you have posted a message, don't remove any portion of your message. Once it is posted, it should be able to be seen by every player. This goes along with the no-white-text rule, as it goes against the spirit of ~Cthulhu~

Game-Specific Rules
  • The number of Others (scum) will be proportional to the number of total players.
  • Anyone in the Other, in addition to making nightkills, may communicate with each other.
  • No one may post at night.
  • The first person to die in the previous game cannot be killed first in the next game.

Sign Up
  • When signing up, please include your pronouns if they are not already included/updated in the following Pronouns Thread.


Game 1:
Day 1 Start
Day 4 End
Victory: Other
Game 1: Players
  • BroncoBoy18 (he / him)
  • aprzn123 (anything but he/him)
  • Antagonist (any)
  • justabitjaded (they/them)
  • eriophora (they/them)
  • devery (she/her)
  • Iatep0tat0 (they/she)
  • ちょたの_chotano (she/her)
Correct me on your pronouns if I'm incorrect, please. I'll fix the post as needed.
The game will start later today. There will be 2 mafia "Others" with our current number of players. Let me know if anyone has any other questions.
Hey so I am about to be gone until Monday, if that isn't a problem I will still play but I want to be transparent.
Yeah that's fine, thanks for the heads up. I'm sending out Role PM's and starting shortly.
You should also include the link to the newer thread in there
Game 1 Begins - Day 1

You all awaken in your bunk like any other day. It's hard to know what time it is since it’s always dark outside the thick, yellowed windows. The computer usually keeps track of how many days it’s been, but it seems to have rebooted itself last night.

You all come from a poor farming planet called Cyll’dar that is entering its 12th year of drought. Your team was sent on a mission in one of the few ships available to find a more habitable home for your people. Your crew has the best minds your planet has to offer.

However, when you wake up, a strange sensation of dread fills your body. You don't remember who is who on the ship, other than who you think you are.

You know two things are for certain: something horrible happened last night, and whatever did this to you all was not on the ship when you left home.

For this game, your GM is effectively the Computer - all seeing and all knowing but completely impartial.

There will be 2 Other (mafia) among the 8 crew members on the ship.

The players are:
  • BroncoBoy18 (he / him)
  • aprzn123 (anything but he/him) - the Engineer (vanilla)
  • Antagonist (any) - the Captain (vanilla)
  • justabitjaded (they/them) - the Technologist (vigilante)
  • eriophora (they/them)
  • devery (she/her) - the Technologist (watcher)
  • Iatep0tat0 (they/she)
  • ちょたの_chotano (she/her)
This game will begin during the day. Everyone has 48 hours to discuss who, if anyone, they want to air-vac out of the ship. Vote in bold like always, so I can see it.
So it's immediately day, so we cant even get information using the roles.
We can always no lynch today and go from there. It will make night 1 basically night 0.
Yeah, lets go No Lynch
I'm with you.

No lynch.
No Air-Vac
I am very hesitant to just let the Others get a free kill, but I guess that is typically how the game starts anyway. I also can't vote for J-Rob since he isn't playing.

No Vac.
No Vac. Day one is too early to be killing folks off.
A majority has been reached by the crew. Final votes confirm no one will be ejected into the cold vastness of space, yet.

You go back to your bunks with uncertainty about the dangers of what might be infiltrating your ship, and who you will be able to trust.

Night Falls - Night 1

Other, you have 24 hours from the time of this post to decide who to kill.
Update: I extended the night due to someone not receiving their role PM. The issue has now been fixed, so Day 2 will start tomorrow morning.
The Other walked among you all last night. As the computer glitched, flashing in your bunk, you found it surprisingly easy to sleep.

You all gather in the cafeteria, where you see a Cyll'darian body floating into the darkness through the large windows. As the body turns back toward the ship, aprzn's face is obscured by the ice on their decaying skin.

aprzn123 was the Engineer - a vanilla crew member

Day 2

You have 48 hours from the time of this message to decide who to air-vac. A majority will require 4 players, as there are 7 players remaining.

This post had to be restructured because I accidentally edited it when attempting to reuse it for the following day - no important information is missing.
Forgive me if I missed it, but is there a guide to roles? I am not sure what an engineer was, but i'm sad to see we lost a power role.
The engineer (aprzn) was a vanilla crew member. Every person on the ship has a role they served in before the Other infiltrated. So each player was provided the original role they played, and whether or not that role translated into a power role for this game.
Any leads?
No, I'm vanilla
Same here. We must not have many power roles.
Wait, what's everybody's original role? I assume there aren't any duplicates, so if the Others have to make them up, they might get them wrong and conflict. What was everyone?
What do you mean by "original" role?
Okay, I think I get it.

So aprzn was the 'engineer' but this is flavor and does not mean a power role - hence the vanilla.
I do enjoy adding flavor and storylines to games I run. This game is no exception.

I am not intending to confuse anyone and I did attempt to make the role PMs as clear as possible while maintaining the narrative. If you have any questions about them you may ask those during any time (in your PM thread) as long as you are not trying to take any action outside of the designated phases for your respective roles.
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