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Alright, here's the game, I will be adding a encoded message every week, every week will progressively get harder, if by the time it is for a new cipher, and the current one isn't finished, then I will add a clue. Per cipher each user gets one hint, which they can use to be messaged a clue. This weeks code is:
Dvoo, gszg dzh vzhb
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Well, that was easy

What was easy?
Look a little closer.
limescum said:
Well, that was easy


Correct, see you in a week
Look a little closer.
I know, I was just trying to make a funny.
I mean, shift 3 Caesar ciphers are pretty easy.
Lol i didnt even know thats what it was called
wheres the second one
Was wondering the same thing
7-19-18-8 25-22-7-7-22-9? 20-12-12-23. 
"This better? Good."
Bronky you did it too early in the day for me to participate >:(
WDYM, that was posted about 4 P.M. for me
8am for me
Welcome to Base64, which no one usually decodes, but it's easy
I was thinking when we post a decoded message, we should use the spoiler tag!
next when

This one is a little under lock and key

Evkc zbg glg c lth fsqtkmfzv glgp'd th?
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
this one was a bit difficult wasn't it?
Yeah, thats it
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