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It's time to pen the first dictionary on TCaS, but there are always some rules.

One user chooses any word they would like and a rule they place with that word. The next user must find the best definition they can think of, without using the word they are defining, and make sure to follow the rule the previous user made. Some examples of a rule could be, "the definition must be less than ten words", or "the definition may not include the word '_____.'"

After the user makes the definition, they pick another word and make a new challenging rule for the next user after them.
From Player 1:
Define chocolate milk, but you can't use words that have more than five letters
From Player 2:
juice of a cow with cocoa taste

Define water, but you can't use the letter e.
I hope this game isn't already existing and if not, I hope this game doesn't die instantly.
Define ladder, but you can't use more than 10 words.
Thing you can climb up on.

Define "beaver", but you may not use any words mentioned in the Capybara wikipedia page.

I hope this isn't too specific to start off the thread with.
humongous wood creature

define pretzel but you have to use more than 15 words and one of those words have to be "sticky"
A sticky, salty piece of dough that is usually folded into a knot. A nice snack from Europe.

Define "chihuahua" without using any words that are conveniently used to describe a chihuahua.
Annoying piece of crap

Define Nintendo 64, but without using any video game terms
It's a magical box that makes things happen on the TV. The people movers look like tridents.

Define how a plane works, but you cannot say anything relating to lift, thrust, drag, or gravity.
Hehe fan go flapflapflapflap. Also wind make wing go wheeeee. Pilot uses the wheel to make it go places.

Tell me what your favorite animal is, but you can only use 2 syllable words, and you must use more than 10 words.
Dogs are my best friends. They are so small and cute.

You must explain the colors of the rainbow, but without mentioning a color.
Tomato, tangerine, lemon, lime, lapis lazuli, who cares about this one, and violent.

Explain what twocansandstring is without using any of the letters in 'twocansandstring' (a, c, d, g, i, n, o, r, s, t, w).

You don't know how hard it is to find synonyms for "Ask and Answer" without 11 letters of the alphabet, three vowels included

Define "embryo" with the intention of also trying to market a computer chip to a squirrel.
This computer chip will drive you nuts, Mrs. Squirrel. It'll drive the fertilized egg inside of you crazy, too.
Oh, it's just Ms. Squirrel now? I'm so sorry.

Tell me who Garfield the Cat is, but only using negative or neutral words.
A sad depressed cat who's owner puts antidepressants into the cats food

The plot of Yu-Gi-Oh, without mentioning any of the actual plot
Kid with inner demons has an angry rich friend. They play cards.

I thought this was supposed to be like a dictionary, so define chair without using seat/sit or anything to do with the utility of the object.
A submissive piece of furniture, usually made of wood.

Define a smartphone as if you were talking to a caveman
Unga boonga

Define Pokemon, without saying what it is
Magical animals that come out of spheres. They fight.

Explain school without saying anything about classes.
An educational facility.

Explain TCaS without mentioning a site feature.
Better than 4chan, worse than Reddit.

Explain society in 2 words
Good bad.

Tell me what a woodchuck is, but don't use any words that have already been used in this thread.
Chainsaw rodent

Define drugs as happy as possible
Little thingies you eat (yummy) that make you HAPPY!!!!!

Define grape juice, but to an alien.
These spheres produce something we humans can consume to fulfill our needs of survival

Science Fiction, but as real as possible
Scientific advancements made over many years by scientists. Things that could easily be in a world in the future, however aren't here currently.

Define cell phone, but you cannot use the letter "e"
A box that has magic things in it that allow it to go boop

Define a Rubik's cube, but in Shakespearean
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