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Welcome to another riveting game of "who said that quote?"

the rules are simple

just guess which user on this forum said the below quote

whoever gets it right gets to do the next one


ok ill go first

who said this quote
From uh oh who is it:

I'm frustrated all the time. Both sexually and mentally. Argh.

Then again, middle school.
Uh... me. I said that. A long time ago. How embarrassing.

Also, forum search exists. Maybe add a rule that you can't use that.
From Someone:
cause youre his cheeseburger, his precious cheeseburger
that is me
Yeah. Your turn.
assless chaps
ummmm ok
From Someone:
I do like to think I’m friendly.
ok my turn
From whoever could it be:
You, superstar.
good job buddy

ok i guess it your turn now
From Someone:
Your PE teacher better be a saint and not be doing anything horrible, or else I will lace his water with asbestos
That seems like something Kylljoy would say.
It does, but no.
Next reasonable answer is Licky
Antimony pentafluoride ?
Nuh uh.
No sir's.
Nooooope. Y'alls, are we allowed to give hints?
Titan is probably in the netherrealm so asking him would be futile. One second. I don't need hints.
Who has been the closest?
i think just 1 hint wouldnt hurt
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