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Make your best plot twists. One user says some dialogue or some event, and the next user gives the story a little whirl. Then the user after that twists the plot some more. And so on.

From User A:
Oh, Mrs. Brown. Your son has passed.
From User B:
Passed the test, that is.
From User C:
Oh, that's wonderful! When can I congratulate him?
When you are deceased; the test was to see if he should go to heaven.
From User D:
So I'll never see him again? *sobs*
Quite the contrary, ma'am. You see, I've come to send you to see your child right now.
From User E:
Oh, the morgue?
No, the grave.
So you've buried my son already?
No, I'm burying you. You're passing today too.
John, your sister is going on vacation.
To Iran.
She's helping out there
Helping terrorist forces.
Learn to draw.
Blueprints for weapons.
That shoot harmless, pretty flowers.
But the bullets do actual damage
To enemies in video games.
But every time an enemy is killed, it kills a random civilian.
That turns out to be a threat
That is very well enforced,
However does not exist anywhere outside your mind
But your thoughts shape reality
in horrible, twisted ways.
for the betterment of society as a whole
in the opinion of rick astley
Who has become homophobic
But also phopic to the homophobes
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