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Couple issues I noticed:

"You Will Recall Our Names" is from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, not 1

Also it says Xenoblade Cronides on the bracket
it says chronicles on the bracket not chronides.

unfortunately, i cannot change the name once i have started the bracket. from now on in the titles I will post the correct name in the polls and forum
Oh. I thought this was for songs YOU made. Okay wow. Are you automating this?

For whenever I am able to submit a song, I would like to submit Radiohead - Dollars & Cents.
im not automating anything as of now

Just message it to me so i dont forget to add it to the next one

edit: whoops i meant to post this from dementedkermit
I'll be damned if my favorite Oysterhead song loses to a fucking Weezer song.
weezer weezes so hard from asthma that he weezes to the top of the charts and gets weezed
I hate Weezer.
They're OK, I suppose. But just because half of the polls are Weezer, I've been voting for the other option.
Yeeeaah. Anti-Weezer alliance.
lol 1 person submitted 4 weezer songs
Why exactly, there are only like two good Weezer songs
I'll be damned if my favorite Oysterhead song loses to a fucking Weezer song.

Oysterhead is currently winning 2-1
9000th post, Bronco.

Also WOOOO!!!!
how do we submit songs
for now message me or tcasSongTournament with link(s) or song title(s)

ill open up a QnA to submit songs for the next tournament once this tournament ends
bug like the kairiki bear song
well, guys, it's been a good run. my time has come. i have to respectfully disagree with you about all of your opinions of weezer. I was the person that submitted those four weezer songs. i'm sorry for what i did. but you guys can't just throw away weezer like that. and while i agree that some of their albums probably aren't the best thing in the world, they have some literal fantastic songs and records.
now that i have discovered that this website is predominantly antiweez, i have to say goodbye. i really do respect all of your musical opinions, and i don't want to get into any heated arguments. all i can do is say that weezer is my favorite band, and while they definitely are not the best band, they're my favorite. i will now accept the title of's least favorite person. goodbye =W=
No, don't leave
Understood, goodbye.
damn i didn't expect to create such a divide with this
Sorry. Weezer makes me wheeze.
i love weezer i love their song "we wheezering it up in here"
Ok but look at this bass.
Everyone is entitled to their taste in music. Lets make sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their music tastes
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