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Sorry I was a little late with that
Aw. Awesome that Pseudo Suicide made it to semifinals, at least.
So NGGYU lost? That means Piano Man has a shot!
I’m just surprised that Name Drop made it so far
Billy Joel - “Piano Man” has defeated Excision - “Name Drop” and wins the first tournament.

Score: 4 to 0

This concludes the first TC&S Song Tournament

I already have enough songs to start the next tournament right away? Should I start a 16 song tournament tomorrow or wait until I have 32 songs?
Well, how many songs DO you have?
Check your messages or the entire world will be consumed.
ok im gonna go to 32 songs becuz why not
Let me suggest a song for the next one
message me or tcasSongTournament
I suggest that you check your gallery.
sick! thanks
How close is this bracket for songs?
pretty close i have 22 rn but i i have a few messages and answers on tcasSongTournament that i havent added to my spreadsheet so im guessing 28-29 ish songs.

I'll go add the responses i got on tcasSongTournament to my spreadsheet rn, i might add 1 or 2 songs fill the last few spaces
Is the bracket almost ready?
Just finished it, ill post the first poll later today
Why are they in a url shortener?
because it looks better
What happened to the songs I suggested?!
i forgot them, they got lost in my messages

i will substitute them in for songs that got submitted via the qna and save those submissions for the next tournament
I Love You My One And Only ftw!

I love Rhythm Heaven!
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