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Game 3

Last command: East


Score: 216

Lives: 1

8x8 arena.

Colliding with the green walls will kill you.
Colliding with yourself will kill you.
Colliding with a jem gives you an extra hat.
If your username has a Z in it, your move does not count. [ackyyackyattack]
Colliding with walls resets your lives back to one, even if it would have killed you. [theki]

In this game you control the LAD, who must JET THE JEM. The JEM is a priceless heirloom that increases the LAD's number of HATs whenever he obtains one. It is a renewable resource.

Big problem, though: In order to be given the permission to obtain JEMs, you must sell your soul to the CANNERS, who will control your body and soul every step of the way even if it means you die.

Basically, it's Snake but you get to control it. Just reply with N, E, S, or W with which direction you want the LAD to go. The first message is the first move, so if you get ninja'd and it results in a fatal move, you should probably edit your post.

There is a twist. At any point, after getting a JEM you will be able to spawn an item on the board. It can be literally anything! You can make it a magical turtle that causes only every other message to be considered. You can make it a feather that restricts him to diagonal movement. You can make it a shiny tophat that completely changes his appearance. You can just be boring and make it a heart that adds an extra life or adds 100 to the score. Whatever it is, just send it as soon as a winning move is accomplished (regardless of whether or not the gameboard is updated or not). Just no double posting. If you make a powerup after you made a winning move, it will not be considered. The same thing goes for items deemed overpowered. Use common sense for that. Stuff like "Wrap around walls!" is fine as long as you don't immediately add a powerup that makes it impossible for you to collide with yourself.

Powerups will work a bit like Flux. They will stack on top of each other and remain constant rules until someone decides to reset them by creating a powerup that does just that. The first person to suggest a powerup that is passable will have that powerup added to a random spot on the board.

If you die, you start over and the oldest powerup is removed.
If you lose all of your lives, the game is completely reset and the previous score will be added to the scoreboard for future users to beat in the next round. 'kay?
This is gonna be fun!


But, finish your essays first, like Acky said.

Leaderboard of moves

1. e-bag : 8
1. ackyyackyattack : 8
2. HugzFafad : 5
2. theki : 5
3. dementedkermit : 2
4. caveat : 1
4. chotano : 1

Leaderboard of gems

1. e-bag : 1
1. HugzFafad : 1

Leaderboard of powerups

1. ackyyackyattack : 2
2. theki : 1

Leaderboard of disappointments

1. e-bag : 1
1. chotano : 1

Leaderboard of cardinal directions

1. East : 7
2. West : 4
2. North : 4
3. South : 0
Maybe, if there's noone else.

I made this game for fun in computer science.
E, east, yeast. Y'all ever hear about Toe Man Kai?
How should I notify people when a new move has been made? Also, I added yours.
UH OH. Where his hat go? Also you could put it at the last made move thing.
The hat was added to visualize the direction the guy was going, but it was redundant so I removed it.
Also, you can double post and make multiple moves in a row but you cannot make a powerup if you made the last move.
Well. Like. What happens when he gets a gem now? No more hats? This is a lot safer.
When he gets a jem, he gets a hat. The arrow thingy was a direction indicator that was not an actual physical object within the game.
OH, I thought the arrow was his hat. Sorry.
ARe yo Gona makea a movem?
Bu, bu-bu-bu-bu, but but but I MAFE RHRE LAST MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
i forgor

E, again.
Who will jet the jem?
I suppose I shall get the Gem, and let someone else do the powerup. N
I SUGGEST that our LAD becomes a SHIT. All gems are also SHIT. The borders are SHIT. Good power up?
Acky, your powerup has been considered. Check the board.

Here. I'll do the game as well because I don't want to be missing out on any potential "Fun" y'all might be having.

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